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Marble Paintings are very much unique and an original artifact on carefully picked and polished marble pieces. Marble paintings are usually the small miniature paintings on exotic assortment of marble pieces which make perfect decorative treasures for perfect showpieces to enhance the appeal of both the interiors and the exteriors for the households which are being given for interior and exterior designing.

Such design of paintings on marble are widely acknowledged for its authenticity, patterns and color combination which distinguish themselves with others. Marble paintings in modern days have become wonderful gift items as well as decorative-pieces for home decor.

Marble paintings are mostly and usually influenced by local schools of craft from the places of Kishangarh, Jaipur, Kangra and Mandi. All major centers and cities in India have their distinct style and today have attained expertise in the depiction of culture and heritage of the nation. The Kishangarh School is the one which boasts of having attained world class perfection in paintings of females.

The famous Jaipur School focuses on religious depictions. Many paintings also depict here the local legends and famous royals like Pabuji, a Royal Rajput Prince who is revered by tribesmen for his valor. He fought and defeated the cruel cow-slaughtering king Mirza Khan. The painters here also depict the universal theme of the conquest and victory of good over evil through settings from religious stories and eternal love through the life of Mumtaz and Shahjahan, who were the famous Mughal couple whose love story is immortalized in the Taj Mahal.

The marble paintings are a famous form of depicting art and culture which started in the time of Emperors and Queens in India. The painters in those days used to dip their brushes in various colors and design them on marble artifacts to enhance its looks. The examples of those times can be seen in the form of painted designs on sofa sets, tables and wall hangings too. Such art is famous in Rajasthan that showcases royal lifestyle.

Marble is a natural stone with immense beauty and is available in a variety of colors. There are some pieces which are particularly used to impart a natural , rugged and royal look to the artifacts. These Marble Paintigns with their immense perfection and beauty encompass traditional as well as contemporary styles. The paintings are highly ornate and may be available with detailed carvings in natural and smooth marble finish.

The beautiful marble paintings with inlay work are also done on table tops, wall hangings, furniture, etc. The paintings are also available with or without gold and are made on marble of different sizes and thickness. The themes comprise of: Jewelry, Indian Musical instruments, Pots and vases, statues, floral designs, royal palaces and lifestyles and much more. Instructing a very much natural and rugged look to the artifacts, marbles are considered as the natural stone with immense beauty. These days they are available in variety of colors.

Marble painting style usually reveals immense perfection and beauty encompassing traditional as well as contemporary styles. The Paintings are made with exquisite variety of marble, as the marble paintings are considered as miniature paintings. Such decorative paintings provide very much soothing and attractive appeal to interior as well as exterior decor. The paintings these days are highly ornated which could be easily searchable in detailed carvings with natural and smooth marble finish. The beautiful marble paintings have the idea to decorate with inlay work which can be done on table tops, wall hangings, furniture, etc.