Indian Corruption

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Indian Armed Forces - Corruption

India's Corruption story has not even left the Armed forces away from it because army people are also one among the society. The Indian Armed Forces since long time have witnessed corruption which has been involving senior armed forces officers from the Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force. Many officers have been caught for more allegedly selling weapons in the black market in the border districts of Indian states and territories, which has shaken up public faith in the country's massive military.The Indian Armed Forces got corrupted and has never been able to come out of the hurdles of life while spreading negative thoughts. Soldiers of the country always remember and feel pride over the time spent with their comrades in the training establishments, units, and field. Therefore, the feelings of unexpected meeting of war buddies always take one-self back in the past and pour fresh blood in old body. The sentiments of old associates engaged in the service of the motherland are unforgettable and cannot be revealed in few words. In real sense good memories are assets of fighting arms on which the soldiers feel proud.

However in due course of time materialistic approach drastically changed the culture of the Indian Armed forces. In this context of corruption the Indian Armed forces are on the top of the list. The corruption in officer's lot has converted it into a rogue force, which has really shattered the soldiers' confidence over their Commanders. According to the old timers, the Indian Army is now the most corrupted organization in India. Unfortunately, in most of the cases officers who even include senior officers are involved in cases of sexual harassments, bribe, selling military secrets, terrorizing, kidnapping, sabotaged activities against minorities, abduction of scientists, smuggling of enriched uranium and other nuke equipments, fake encounters and the like.

Indian Armed Forces- corruption
72 Army officers sold their weapons for profit- what worser situation a country can have when ammunition which should be used to defend your country are being used to earn luxury for yourself. The list of defaulters in this kind of disaster including one junior commissioned officer and four retired officers of the rank of a Major General and Brigadier was provided by the District Collector of Srinagar to the concerned authorities. These Officers could buy prohibited weapons, such as 9 mm pistols or .30 bolt action rifles, from Ordnance factories at cheap prices for personal use.

These are called NSP weapons and then these were sold for profits to be earned. Steps have been taking by the Indian defense Ministry which has informed the Rajya Sabha that administrative action has been initiated against 41 Army officers for allegedly selling non-service pattern (NSP) weapons in the black market in the border districts of Rajasthan. As an interim and immediate action, the officers have been asked to deposit all their weapons back with Chairman Ordnance Depot (COD), Jabalpur. Due to such allegations image of the Indian Army has taken a beating in the recent past, due to increasing corruption in the armed forces. Recently, four top generals, which included the 33 Corps commander and the military secretary (MS) were found to be guilty in the preliminary findings of the Court of Inquiry (CoI) in a land scam near Sukna military base. Adding insult to the battered image of the Army, has been the open outburst of Lt Gen P.K. Rath's brother against the army chief General Deepak Kapoor, wherein, he has said that the Chief was well aware of the developments, which were taking place pertaining to the land.

Indian Army members( not all) not even respect the country's courts of law. On August 31, 2009 according to a report, Hindustan times revealed that former judge and advocate general of Indian Army Maj. Gen. Neelendra Kumar said: "The army has a standing policy that every case of serious nature invariably goes to the military court. The Supreme Court guidelines are not applicable as we have the Army Act." As per Indian press the one serving Lt General Sahni, one Lt General (Retired) S K Dahiya, four Major Generals, two Brigadiers and eight officers wre being charged for various irregularities in relation to procurement of "certain items of dry rations" for soldiers in Jammu and Kashmir. The names of Sahni, Dahiya, four Maj-Generals, nine Brigadiers, a Navy Commodore, two Commanders a Lt-Commander, an IAF Group Captain and a Coast Guard DIG have figured in a list of 21 senior officers facing corruption charges tabled by the esrtwhile defence minister A K Antony in Parliament. In the past too opened the Pandora Box of corrupt Indian Generals. A group of ex-servicemen had then decided to raise its voice against alleged corruption in the Armed Forces, taking inspiration from the agitation by Anna Hazare. Protests will be registered against former Army generals and senior officers involved in Adarsh and other scams, said Col (retd) Suresh Patil while addressing a news conference. The group has been named 'Pune Shahar aani Jilha Maji Sainik Bhrashtrachar Virodhi Manch' - a forum of ex-servicemen against corruption.

Measures to Tackle the Problem of Corruption in Armed Forces

"There is a need to highlight malpractices in the Armed Forces. Some senior officers have tarnished the image of the Indian Army. Our group of ex-servicemen would conduct awareness drives," Col Patil said. Col (retd) Gulabrao Jadhav, another member of the group, said the group has planned occasional agitations at various places. The group has demanded that filing of criminal cases should be allowed against Armed Forces officials involved in malpractices. corruption in the Indian Army

corruption in the Indian Army
Besides their pension should be suspended. Lt.-Gen. Avadesh Prakash, one of India�s highest ranking army officers, was just days from retirement when he was ordered to face a court martial recently over his alleged involvement in a controversial land deal. It is the latest in a series of corruption scandals to engulf India�s defence forces in the last few years. The group against corruption in the Armed Forces has demanded that filing of criminal cases should be allowed against Armed Forces officials involved in malpractices. Besides their pension should be suspended.

Although there would be lower-ranking officers of the Indian Army usually found involved in corruption, yet involvement of the highest-ranking officers in this malpractice is surprising. In connection to the recent reports disclosed that Indian Army Headquarter has issued orders for a general court martial of Lt. General (R) Surendra Kumar Sahni including some other officers for their role in committing irregularities in procuring meat and dry rations for the troops, stationed at Siachen and other high altitude areas. Notably, the report of the Controller of Auditor General (CAG) paved way for the action against Lt. General(R) SK Sahni. The report revealed that soldiers were supplied wheat, rice, pulses and edible oil after 28 days of their expiry date. In this respect, food items were bought at cheaper rates by the contractors and then supplied to various army units, while rations worth of Rs. 1.92 crore were untraceable in the Northern Command in year 2008.

This web page explains the corruptions that occured in India. The information are collected from the media reports. or it owners do not take any responsibility for the authenticity of the contents. Since some cases are in the court of law, we do not endorse any cases or do not conclude on the same. If you need any changes to be done on the above information, kindly contact us with valid proof. However sincere attempt is being made to create awareness in the society against this evil and to prepare the younger generation for a corruption free India.