Civil Defence Day
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Civil Defence Day

Civil Defence Day is celebrated on 6th December every year to make aware of the citizens and highlight the importance of civil defence. The civil Defence provides protection to the civilian population during crisis. The civil Defence and Home Guards are the twin voluntary organisations for the cause of defence to the nation. These organisations are based on the concept of safety of the common man.

The motto of Civil Defence and Home Guards, the twin voluntary organisations is "Nishkam Seva" or "selfless Service" which is a noble objective in life. The service gives the sense of worth, happiness, achievement and applause in the life of a Civil Defence Volunteer. They do an excellent service to the nation and are upholding the highest traditions of voluntary work. These organisations are also well known for mitigating the suffering of the victims of disasters as first responders and we are proud of them.

Civil Defense volunteers are dedicated persons for the nation and at the same time work as a role model for the rest of the world. This culture of the volunteers are cultured by training given by dedicated persons which reflect the background of Indian heritage and culture.

Thus Indians feel a sense of security and confidence even during war or emergency in the country. Thus they serve the nation which is the highest goal of a civilian people of a proud country.