Indian Coffee Industry

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The overall production of coffee in India reached 355,600 MT in 2015-16, up by 8 per cent Y-o-Y.

India is the third-largest producer and exporter of coffee in Asia, and the sixth-largest producer and fifth-largest exporter of coffee in the world.

The country accounts for 3.9 per cent of the global coffee production. The Arabica and Robusta varieties accounted for 30 per cent (98,000 MT) and 70 per cent (229,000 MT) of India’s overall coffee production, respectively, in 2014–15.

Of the total coffee produced in India, around 70 per cent is exported and about 30 per cent is consumed domestically. In 2014, coffee consumption in India was 115.02 million kg.

In 2014–15, India's coffee export volume was 286,545 metric tonnes and value was US$ 810.1 million.

2015-2016 Indian Coffee Industry
For Arabica variety of coffee, the production estimate has shown an increase of 9,800 MT (10%), while Robusta production has shown an increase of 13,200 MT (5.76%) when compared to the previous years' production.

In Karnataka, the post monsoon estimate is placed at 253,340 MT with a break up of 82,460 MT of Arabica and 170,880 MT of Robusta. This is an increase of 20,110 MT (8.62%) over 2014-15 final estimate of 233,230 MT comprising of 10.31% increase in Arabica (7,705 MT) and 7.83% in Robusta (12,405 MT).

In Kerala, which mainly produces Robusta variety of coffee, the post monsoon forecast is placed at 68,650 MT with a marginal increase of 950 MT (1.40%) over the 2014-15 final estimate of 67,700 MT.

Tamil Nadu which mainly produces Arabica coffee, the current year post monsoon forecast is placed at 18,125 MT as against 17,875 MT of final estimate of 2014-15 which is a marginal increase in production of 250 MT.

In areas of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa the post monsoon forecast is placed at 9,700 MT with an increase of 1,725 MT (21.63%) against final estimate of 2014-15 of 7,975 MT.

In North-Eastern Region, the post monsoon forecast is placed at 185 MT. Coffee production in India stood at 327,000 metric tonnes (MT) in 2014-15. Robusta variety accounted for 229,000 MT (70 per cent) of this production, while Arabica accounted for 98,000 MT (30 per cent). India has emerged as the seventh largest coffee producer globally; after Brazil, Vietnam, Columbia, Indonesia, Ethiopia and Honduras.

The area under coffee plantations in India has increased by more than three times, from 120.32 thousand hectares in 1960-61 to 423.27 thousand hectares in 2014-15. Most of this area is concentrated in the southern states of Karnataka (54.4%), Kerala (20.2%) and Tamil Nadu (7.5%). Productivity has also improved from around 567 kg/Ha in 1961 to around 847 kg/Ha during 2014-15.