Indian Agriculture Industry

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The Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers was established in the year 1960. Agricultural Engineering, involves application of engineering to production, processing, preservation and handling of food, feed and fibre. It also includes the transfer of engineering technology for the development and welfare of rural areas and masses. The major fields of Agricultural Engineering are usually the Farm Power and Machinery, Soil and water Conservation and Management Engineering (including mainly the watershed management, command area development, conservation, irrigation and field drainage).

Indian Agricultural Engineers
Irrigation (including surface and ground water development), Agricultural Process Engineering, Farm Storage Engineering, Farm Buildings and Structures., Farm use of Electricity, Rural water supply, rural roads, rural housing, rural sewerage and other aspects of rural engineering. In order to organize workshops, conferences, seminars and symposia to discuss specific problems of a Region/State mainly by bringing together the members of the ISAE,

it was decided to promote the establishment of ISAE chapters on regional basis. Consequently, some ISAE chapters were established and are functioning in different regions. Enquiries are made, from time to time, by the ISAE members to establish an ISAE chapter at a specific location or in region. And the Society will mostly continue to encourage the establishment of ISAE chapters at different locations/regions.

Objectives of ISAE:
  • To strengthen the Society mostly by promoting programmes of professional interest.

  • To facilitate more larger participation of the members in professional activities and ensure continuity in membership.

  • To organize mostly regional conferences, seminars and symposia on topics of current interest.

  • To prepare special study reports which are related to Agricultural Engineering as applicable to a region.

  • To disseminate most of the information about Agricultural Engineering programmes and employment.

Indian Society of Agricultural Information Technology (INSAIT)
In India, majority of the population still depend on agriculture for livelihood. Indian agriculture has stood the test of time and achieved green, white, yellow, blue and cyber revolutions. Access to information and its effective use as knowledge is crucial for successful economic development. Information is just as critical a resource for people in rural areas as it is for those in urban areas. Instant access to information on the availability of inputs, financial resources, technological innovations and changing market conditions has become critical to the viability of the rural economy.

How well the rural areas are able to respond to this information challenge will play a major role in determining the future well being of the rural communities, especially in developing countries like India. In this context, it is most prudent to extend the benefit of IT to agriculture and allied industries.

In future, there is tremendous potential for growth in this sector. Efforts in this direction would help in extending the benefits of technological advances to the rural people. As a first step in this direction, the Indian Society of Agricultural Information Technology (INSAIT), a professional society was launched at Dharwad in the year 2000.

The objectives are as follows:
  • To mobilize mainly the farmers, scientists, institutions and organizations to promote agricultural IT.

  • To encourage the profession of teaching, research and extension activities in all aspects of agricultural IT.

  • To provide a very easy forum for information exchange and dissemination of agricultural information technology.

  • To organize and conduct training programs and conventions and publish scientific information through different media for the benefit of the farming community.

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