Indian Bulk Drug Industry

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The Bulk Drug Manufacturers Association (India) was formed in the year 1991 with Hyderabad as its Head Quarters. This is an all India body representing most of the Bulk Drug Manufacturers of India. The Association works for the consolidation of gains of the industry and serves as a coordinator and catalyst between the government and the industry for the growth of the industry. Bulk Drug Industry is the backbone of most of the self-reliant Pharmaceutical industry in India, playing a significant role in improving the health standards of the people. Pharmaceutical manufacturers consisting of the Formulations and Bulk Drugs and drug intermediates in large, medium and small scale sectors in the country employ man power of above 45 lakhs both directly and indirectly.

Bulk Drug Association
The capital investment in the pharma industry is about Rs.35,000 crores. Today 90% of the domestic bulk drugs requirement is met by the Indian industry itself. The Bulk Drug industry contributed about Rs. 48,000 Crores worth of exports, during the period 2010-2011 which is growing by over 15%-20% every year. Over 45% of the world's bulk drug requirement is met by India. The growth and achievement of the Indian Drug Industry during the last five decades has been phenomenal and has been rated as one of the highest among the developing countries.

From a mere processing industry to begin with, most of ndia's bulk drug and pharmaceutical industry today has grown into a highly sophisticated one, meeting the International standards of Production, Technology and Quality Control. The progress of the Drug industry has not only rendered the country self-sufficient in National Health Care, but also played a role in reversing the trend of Indian foreign trade profile from a predominantly importing country to a highly visible exporter to global marketing.

Bulk Drug Industry

Sends representations to most of the concerned Ministries and Officials on various problems being faced by member industries, from time to time. Sends most of the information to its member industries on day to day matters through their newsletter and circulars where by the industry's immediate attention is invited for sharing their suggestions / views on the subject. Conducts Regional, National Seminars periodically in different places on current technical / commercial topics.

  • To provide a platform for an encouraging discussion among the member industries on various subjects concerning the Bulk Drug Industry with a focus on formulating the industries' views on various matters such as national, technical, economic and commercial policies that concern the growth of the Bulk Drug industry in the country.

  • To create and encourage mainly mutual help and cooperation among the members

  • To assist, cooperate and represent the collective opinion of the association members in formulation and execution of legislative measures by state or Central government authorities/regulators that affect, directly or indirectly, the industry, trade or commerce of the Bulk Drug sector.

  • To diffuse among its members the information on all matters affecting the bulk drug industry and to print, publish, issue, circulate such papers, periodicals, books, circulars as may seem conducive to any of the objectives of the Association.

  • To encourage the discovery and investigate most of the made known nature and merits of inventions, which may seem capable of being used by those engaged in the Bulk Drug Industry.

  • To formulate methods for the developing of indigenous as well as export market for Bulk Drugs manufactured in India.

  • To establish and maintain laboratory for testing the quality standards of Bulk Drugs and other allied products and to establish or maintain Research and Development Centre for development of new drugs/improvement in existing drugs / processes etc., or any Hi-tech Research and Training Center, in the interest of the members of the bulk drug industry and the country in general.

  • To undertake the arbitration and settlement of the commercial disputes arising between members with mutual consent of parties.

  • To do all such lawful things as are been incidental or conductive to in consonance with the attainment of the objects of the association.


C-25, Industrial Estate, Sanath Nagar
Hyderabad 500018
Phone: 040 - 23703910 / 23706718
Fax: 040-23704804

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