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Winding Wires Manufacturers' Association (WWMAI) was incorporated in November 1973, and is the Representative Association of Indian Copper Winding Wires Manufacturers. The Members of the Association are generally engaged in the production of : Enamelled Copper/Aluminium winding wires, Paper covered or Fibre Glass / Nomex covered conductors and Continuously Transposed Conductors (CTC)

  • Some of the main objects for which the Association is established are:

  • To promote and protect trade, commerce, manufacture and sale of Winding Wires and Insulated Strips.

  • To make representations to guide the Government Departments and officials in matters of common interest to the Industry.

  • To enable a feeling of evenness, fraternity and co-operation amongst its Members and others in the Industry.

  • To develop co-operation amongst all the Members, to promote healthy competition, to safeguard and protect the interest of the Domestic Winding Wire Industry in all possible ways.

  • To get affiliated with all the other Associations with a view to promote measures for the protection of the interests of the Winding Wire Industry.

Activities of the Association
The Association takes up matters with the appropriate Government Authorities a number of problems and difficulties faced by the manufacturers In the best interest of the industry and other stakeholders.

Circulars :
Indicative Base Metal Price of Electrolytic Continuous Cast Copper Wire Rods of 8 mm diameter based on the Weekly /Monthly Average LME Cash Settlement Price of Grade A Copper (Cathodes) is circulated to the Members. WWMAI is affiliated to the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). The Association takes the support and guidance of FICCI, CII and IEEMA , as these Organizations provide a platform for regular interfacing with the Government on issues that are crucial to the Winding Wire Industry.

Management and Administration:
The Management and Administration of WWMAI is vested in the Managing Committee. The Managing Committee meets on a regular interval to transact the business of the Association. The Managing Committee Meetings are supplemented by Meetings with various Government officials as and when the need arises. There are a number of producers of Winding Wires in India, many in SSI Sector. The capacity is fragmented. Winding Wires are extensively used in the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Industry comprising of Motors, Transformers, Pumpsets (both Industrial and Agricultural) Switchgears, Fans, Airconditioners, Refrigerators, Hand Tools, Domestic Appliances, Televisions, Watches, Computer Peripherals, etc.

In the Indian context Winding Wires are predominantly copper based. For the production of Winding Wires/Insulated Strips, which are entirely and totally used in the Electrical Equipments, only Electrolytic Refined Copper can be used. Besides the large Original Equipment Manufacturers, there are thousands of small manufacturing units, repairers of various Electrical Equipment and this segment consumes huge quantities of Winding Wires. Nowadays there is a large volume of Winding Wires produced out of Secondary (Scrap) Copper being offered to this segment of users. In an era of mounting international competition and standardization, quality assurance assumes heightened importance. It is, therefore, necessary to create awareness amongst the Electrical Equipment consumers about the advantages of using Electrolytic Grade Refined Copper and the hazards of using goods made out of Copper not conforming to Electrolytic Grade.

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