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Survey identifies 2 more dengue suspects 10 high fever patients

India December 07(IM): The Kolhapur Municipal Corporation (KMC) had last week intensified its dengue survey to control the spread of the disease. On Wednesday, a survey was carried out in newer residential areas of the city such as Ware Vasahat, Shukrawar Peth, Juna Budhwar Peth, Vichare Mala, Kadamwadi, Kanannagar, Vikramnagar, Rajarampuri and north Shahupuri.

Ten teams from the health department have covered 1,964 homes since Monday, surveying a total 24,888 people. Blood samples of six patients were sent for testing, out of which two emerged to be suspected cases of dengue. "At certain locations, we demonstrated measures that need to be taken to stop the spread of this disease. The teams also distributed pamphlets," a health department official said, on the condition of anonymity.

"We also destroyed over 60 containers filled with water. We also advised citizens to keep utensils clean and dry. People were also told not to store water in buckets for a long time," the officials added. Since the survey began, the KMC has checked 71,479 residents and 12,849 homes. Around 93 high-fever patients have been found and blood samples of 36 have been sent for further testing.The number of confirmed cases has gone beyond 100. Sanitation officials also sprayed the chemical Tamifos — used to kill the disease-carrying insects. Civic authorities also found that the old city areas such as Shukarwar Peth, Juna Budhwar Peth and the slums of Vikramnagar and Kanannagar had a high number of open water-filled containers. To stop citizens from storing water for long periods, the water supply department has been asked to ensure regular water supply to these areas.


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