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Over 50 percentage of road accidents owing to bad roads say traffic police

India October 12(IM): A traffic police officer says many key roads have been rendered ‘unmotorable’On the day that Bangalore Development Minister K.J. George said that all the road accidents over the last week could not be attributed to potholes alone, senior traffic officers gave a contrarian view. Many traffic police officers claimed that at least half of the accidents in Bengaluru are due to bad roads. The remaining, for the most part, is because of rash and negligent driving.“Bad road engineering, made worse due to incessant rains that we’ve been seeing, is the cause for 50% of the accidents. Many key roads have been rendered unmotorable,” said a traffic police officer.With the situation becoming increasingly politicised and the Chief Minister pulling up the civic body for its inability to solve the problem, police officers spoke to The Hindu on condition of anonymity. The Road Accidents in India Report of 2015 by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways noted that in Karnataka, the number of fatalities in road accidents was 10,856 and injuries was 56,971.While 465 accidents and 82 deaths in the State were caused due to the road being under repair/construction, 248 accidents occurred because of ‘loose surface’, resulting in 55 deaths. Another 182 accidents were caused by potholes.Prof. M.N. Sreehari , traffic advisor and consultant, blamed apathy and the inability of the police to book civic agencies. “Though there is a provision for the traffic police to book civic agencies for negligence. The police are not doing it regularly,” he said.Even as the blame game continues, there is little immediate relief for motorists and pedestrians.


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