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Exam season Nutritionist recommended sample meal plan for your kids

India March 13(IM): Children often tend to neglect food and healthy eating habits during the exam season. Some may even skip eating to study. Who can blame them? There’s too much stress and pressure during these months. The need to score well, getting better marks than their classmates, stressing about college admission, impressing their teachers and living up to the expectations of their parents can take a toll on their bodies and minds. One way to make your kids feel less stressed, healthy and happy during exam season is to make sure that they are eating well. We asked Nutritionist Karishma Chawla of Eat Rite 24×7 to give us a sample meal plan that will nourish children and boost their performance in exams. Here are her recommendations:

Breakfast: Wheat flakes + milk or oat porridge or whole-wheat egg sandwich. Here are some power-packed breakfast options for your kids.

Mid-morning 1: 1 fruit

Or 2: nuts: – walnuts + almonds + milk

Lunch: Jowar/bajra rotis + green veggies (add lime for better iron absorption) + 1 bowl dal/pulse + curd or buttermilk. have you tried this recipe for delicious, healthy dal. Here are some natural, healthy drinks that will help your kids perform better in exams.

Evening: Thepla – Methi or Palak or oats or Bajra chilla or paneer roll

Or a smoothie made with whey + milk + fruit or nuts + oat powder

Pre-dinner: Vegetable juice or clear soup.

Dinner: Dalia khichdi + veggies + salad+ lean chicken/fish/paneer

Here are 3 things your kids must eat daily

Let us know the kind of meals you prepare for your kids on exam days.

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