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Indian black buck

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Indian Black Buck with the common names like Haran, Krishna Jinka, Krishnasar, Krishna mirga, Kala Hiran, Sasin, Iralai Maan, and Kalveet is an antelope native to India.

This species with the zoological name Antilope cervicapra falls under the genus Antilope and is known to exist amongst other species of the same genus.

There are around 4 subspecies of Indian antelope existing around India. The classification is as below

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Artiodactyla
Family Bovidae
Genus Antilope
Species A. cervicapra

Physical Structure

Black Buck is the most beautiful antelope with the spiral or ringed horns. They have a slender body with short tail. Male antelopes are covered with Dark brown or black colored skin with the ringed horns having three to four twists, whereas the female are covered with pale brown colored skin with no horns.

The under parts of the body like chest and belly have white fur. It also has a white colored ring around the eyes, ears and chin. Initially, the male fawns have a light brown colored skin which later tan to dark color as they become 3 years old.

The young males are addressed as "Bucks"and the young females are called as "Does". They can be seen in herds with the count of 5 to 50 animals. They possess a very sharp eye sight.

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