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Clouded Leopard

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The Indian clouded leopard with the zoological name "Neofelis nebulosa" is one among the cats family and is an arboreal animal.

It said to be an intermediate of the big and small cats because of its characteristic that it can neither roar nor purr. It is of the order Carnivora and the family Felidae.

There are two species of clouded leopard existing around the world. These are found from Himalayan foot hills through mainland Southeast Asia into China. The classification is as specified below

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Carnivora
Family Felidae
Subfamily Pantherinae
Genus Neofelis
Species N. nebulosa

Physical Structure

Clouded leopards are distinct from other cats with their wonderful patterned markings. The tan of these cats has large, irregular-shaped, dark ellipses or cloud like markings outlined with black color all over the body. The fur is yellow brown or earthy brown in color and its looks paler in the under parts. It has a thick and long tail which helps them in balancing their body while climbing trees. The ears are round and short with black grayish color.

It has short and flexible legs with broad paws and sharp claws. They are brilliant climbers and can hang upside-down holding the branches. The body length of the Clouded leopard is 55-110 cm with the weight ranging from 12-23 kg. They are 23 to 40 cm tall at the shoulders. The tail length measures between 20 and 30 inches. It possesses 2 inches long canine teeth. The powerful jaws and the big upper canine teeth aid them to kill deer and other large animals. These animals prefer being isolated rather in groups.

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