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The Indian Muntjac or Barking deer or Red Muntjac with the scientific name

Muntiacus muntjak is the most widely seen muntjac deer species in the world and is one of the smallest among the deer family. Especially these are widely spread around Southern Asia.

The various other common names for this species are Southern Red Muntjac or Bornean Red Muntjac or Red Muntjac or Sundaland Red Muntjac. The Barking deer with the scientific name Muntiacus muntjak is one amongst the eleven sub species of the Muntjac family present around various parts of Asia.

It falls under the family Cervidae and species Muntiacus muntjak. The quick classification of Indian Muntjac is as below,

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Artiodactyla
Family Cervidae
Genus Muntiacus
Species Muntiacus muntjak

Physical Structure

The Indian Muntjac has a short, soft, thick and dense coat which is covered with grayish dark brown or yellowish-brown hair. The coat is golden color at the dorsal region and white colored at its ventral region. The tan color varies as the climate changes. The limbs are dark brown to reddish brown color and the face is usually colored brown.

They have a long nose compared to other deers. They have a small head with short ears which are covered with short hair. Males possess antlers which are short and have only one branch. Females possess tufts of fur and small bony knobs instead of antlers. Munjtac have a upper canine which seems to slightly curve outward from the lips.

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