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Sambar Deer

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The Sambar Deer or Asian deer with the scientific name Rusa Unicolor is the one of the larger species in the deer

family and is the most widely seen deer species in the world.

They are native to the Southern and Southeast Asia. The Indian Sambar deer with the scientific name Rusa unicolor unicolor is one amongst the six subspecies of the Sambar deer family.

It falls under the family Cervidae and species Rusa Unicolor The quick classification of Indian Sambar deer is as below,

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Artiodactyla
Family Cervidae
Genus Rusa
Species Rusa unicolor
 Subspecies   Rusa unicolor unicolor 

Physical Structure

Indian Sambar Deer has a strong built body compared to other deer species and has the grandest antlers. These deer species are covered with a thick coat which is dark brown in color. Males have large, rugged antlers which has three tines. The antlers are dropped by the deer on an annual basis. One could find chestnut marks on the rumps and at its underparts. They have a small and dense mane around the neck. They have a large muzzle and broad ears. Like other animals, males are larger than females and they weigh upto 300 kgs.

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