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Indian Wolf

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Indian Wolf with the scientific name Canis lupus pallipes or Canis indica is one of the gray wolf subspecies.

There are around 37 subspecies which are known to exist around the world under the species name Canis lupus. They are also called as Iranian wolf.

These are spotted in various places like Western India, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Israel. It is genetically said that the Gray wolves are the ancestors of domestic dogs. It falls under the Canidae family and order Carnivora. The quick classification of Indian wolf is specified below,

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Carnivora
Family Canidae
Subfamily Caninae
Genus Canis
Species Canis lupus
 Subspecies    Canis upus pallipes  

Physical Structure

Indian wolves are one of the smallest subspecies compared to other subspecies of wolves. They are larger than Arabian wolves. Indian wolves have short, thick coat colored reddish or yellowish-brown. They have dark V-shaped stripes over the shoulders which is distinctive.

Wildlife Sanctuaries

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