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Crab Plover

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The Crab Plover with the scientific name of Dromas ardeola

is one of the birds in Indian which is closely related to the waders.

The quick classification of this Crab Plover is given below,

 Kingdom   Animalia 
 Phylum   Chordata 
 Class   Aves 
 Order   Charadriiformes 
 Family   Dromadidae 
 Genus   Dromas 
 Species   Dromas ardeola 

Physical Characteristics:

These birds are one of the larger and heavier birds in India. The height of this crab plover ranges from 13 to 16 in (33 to 41 cm). The weight of this species is 8 to 11.2 ounces (230 to 325 g). Most of these birds are in white or black colour and they have a black patch on their back and their wings. They have long and pointed wings. The wing span of this Crab plover is in the range of 29 to 30.7 in (74 to 78 cm). They have short tails, strong bills and long legs. This crab plover legs is in blue gray colour. It also has a webbed feet and a strong toe.

They use their strong toe for the purpose of digging nest burrows. They use their bills for eating crabs. Adult crab plover's plumage is in white colour. As well the young ones plumage is in grey colour. Generally, both male and female crab plovers are in same size and similar in their appearance. But when compared to female crab plover, the male crab plover is larger in size and has heavier bills.

Young crab plovers are slightly different in colour than the adults. These young birds are in grey colour on the top and behind their neck and wings.

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