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Indian Pond Heron

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The Indian Pond Heron or Paddy bird with the scientific name of

Ardeola grayii is a small heron which is one of the most commonly found species in India and is widely spread all around the world.

The quick classification of Indian Pond Heron is as below,

Kingdom Animalia
Class Aves
Order Ciconiiformes
Family Ardeidae
Genus Ardeola
Species Ardeola grayii
Clutch Size 3 eggs to 5 eggs

Physical Characteristics:

The Indian Pond heron has a short neck, short thick and tiny bill and buff brown back. Herons have looks similar to storks and cranes. The Indian pond heron's entire body ranges about 42 to 46 cm long. The wing span of the Indian Pond heron ranges from about 70 to 90 cm. They weight about 230 to 267 grams. The feathers of the Indian Pond heron are very soft in nature. Its feathers on the neck start growing and become long in the summer season. The pond heron's wings are white in colour. Because of this , it looks white when it is flying. The Indian Pond heron's voice is very similar to human voice.

The plumage of the heron looks in different colours like blue, black, green, brown and white. It produces a sound "Wakoo" when it is breeding. They have a little sexual dimorphism. Because of the modification in the shape of the sixth vertebrae, they are able to kink their neck into an S-shape.

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