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Red Jungle Fowl

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The Red Jungle fowl with the scientific name Gallus gallus is a large-sized bird falling under the family Phasianidae.

Red junglefowl is believed to be the ancestor of all domestic chickens. Red jungle fowl is an attractive game bird with a long history of association with humans.

They are both herbivorous and insectivorous. The quick classification of this species is given below,

Scientific Classification

 Kingdom   Animalia 
 Phylum   Chordata 
 Class   Aves 
 Order   Galliformes 
 Family   Phasianidae 
 Genus   Gallus 
 Species   Gallus gallus 

Physical Characteristics:

The Red Jungle fowl is a large-sized bird with a very strong sexual dimorphism. Red jungle fowl has a small pale hooked bill. Its plumage is usually of gold, red, maroon, orange, gray, green color. It has two ear shaped white patches on either side of the head.Male strongly differentiates from female in that male have a red gold neck and head with long feathers on the upper parts and female has angled wing and distinct forked tail.

Females are spotted with red and brown with smaller, duller wattles and lack the long tail. The male weighs about 672 to 1450 g with the length being 65 to 75 cm, while the female weighs about 485 to 1050 g with the length being 42 to 46 cm. The five subspecies of the jungle fowl species varies majorly in the colour of the facial lappets, in the length, colour, in the size of the combs and terminal end shape.

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