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Indian Roller Bird

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The Blue Jay or Indian Roller is a passerine bird which is mainly found in the Indian Subcontinent.

There are different subspecies of Blue jay which are found in various parts of India and in eastern and central United States.

The bird's name derives from its noisy, garrulous nature, and it sometimes also called a "jaybird".

The quick classification of Indian Roller Bird is as below,

 Kingdom   Animalia 
 Phylum   Chordata 
 Sub phylum   Vertebrata 
 Class   Aves 
 Order   Coraciiformes 
 Family   Coraciidae 
 Genus   Coracias 
 Species   C.benghalensis 
 Zoological Name   Coracias benghalensis 

Physical Characteristics:

The Blue Jay is one of the stocky birds and it is 26-27 cm long from the bill to tail. They weigh about 80 -100 g. The life span of the Blue jay exceeds up to 17 years of age. The breast of blue jay is brownish and not blue. The crown and vent are blue in color. The primaries are deep purplish blue and the tail is sky blue and the central feathers are dull green in color. The neck and throat look like purplish lilac with white shaft streaks. The bare patch around the eye is ochre in color. It has strong black bills which is used for cracking the nuts and acorns, and for eating corn, grains, seeds and insects such as beetles, grasshoppers, and caterpillars.

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