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Indian Spot-billed Duck

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The Indian Spot-billed duck or Spot bill with the scientific name of Anas Poecilorhyncha

is one among the three Spot-billed duck species found commonly in various parts of India. The Spot bill is commonly called as Grey duck. These duck species are the residents of India and various other countries like Pakistan, Southern Japan and South East Asia. The quick classification of Indian Spot-billed duck is as below,

 Kingdom  Animalia 
 Scientific Name   Ardeola grayii 
 Class   Aves 
 Order   Anseriformes 
 Family   Anatidae 
 Genus   Anas 
 Species   Anas Poecilorhyncha 
 Sub species   Anas poecilorhyncha poecilorhyncha 

Physical Characteristics:

Spot bill is a commonly breeding bird with dark brown or grey colored body. Their body is heavily scaled. The bill of this species is black with an orange spot on the top of the bill and yellow spots on the base of the bill. Their head and neck is whitish or pale grey colored with light black streaks over this area and black colored broad line around the eyes. The lower neck area is usually pale grey with black spots throughout.

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