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Kim Jong Un greets Vladimir Putin with late-night red carpet reception on North Korea visit

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in North Korea in the early hours, marking his first visit to the capital in 24 years. This visit is expected to reshape Russia-North Korea relations, as both nations face international isolation.

Despite the late hour, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un greeted Putin on the tarmac with a hug on the red carpet. The two leaders shook hands, embraced, and conversed beside Putin's plane before travelling together in the same limousine to the Kumsusan State Guest House.

Vladimir Putin's visit to North Korea: What's on agenda?

• According to Russian media reports, the schedule begins with an official welcoming ceremony at noon local time.

• Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un will have a 90-minute one-on-one meeting, followed by informal talks during a stroll around Kim's residence and a tea party.

• A photo op session will be held for both leaders.

• The day includes a gala concert, a state reception, and an honour guard ceremony.

• The visit will conclude with the signing of several joint documents and a press conference.

What is significance of Putin-Kim Jong meeting?

Russia has leveraged its growing relationship with North Korea to challenge Washington, while North Korea, under heavy sanctions, has gained political backing and promises of economic support and trade from Moscow. Putin visit to North Korea is going to further strengthen the ties.

How US reacted to Putin's visit to North Korea

The US expressed serious concerns about the growing cooperation between Russia and North Korea. White House Press Secretary Jean-Pierre said this partnership threatens peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula.

"Deepening cooperation between Russia and the DPRK is a trend that should be of great concern to anyone interested in maintaining peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula, upholding the global non-proliferation regime, abiding by the UN Security Council resolutions and supporting the people of Ukraine as they defend their freedom," Jean-Pierre said.

The Biden administration has been warning for some time that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is supplying weapons to Russia for its war in Ukraine.

"We don't believe any country should give Mr. Putin a platform to promote the war of aggression that we're currently seeing in Ukraine," Jean-Pierre said.

Source: hindustantimes

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