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Here how much Elon Musk thinks it could cost you to take a trip to Mars

India February 12(IM): Elon Musk wishes to make space travel affordable and has said moving to Mars may one day cost $500,000 or even lesser.

He believes a round trip to the Red planet will be affordable for “most people in advanced economies”, who could even vie to make a permanent move to Mars.

Musk is confident it could eventually fall below $100,000, “depending on the volume”.

It would take around three to six months to reach the planet.

The comments come in the backdrop of SpaceX working on completing the Starship, which is a reusable stainless steel machine designed to transport 100 humans to Mars or beyond, at one go.

Musk added there are chances that the cost of building the Starship may be lesser than that of Falcon 9, used to launch satellites, built at a cost of $62 million.

Musk had pointed out earlier how Mars will definitely see a shortage of labour for long, meaning there would never be a dearth of jobs.

The first people to visit will have to set up the infrastructure, including recycling centres, energy manufacturing units among other things before working on mass accommodation.

However, one must note here, surviving on the planet will be hard. Musk says, to make the planet home, intense labour would be required; there would be no time for leisure.

Also, there is no guarantee of a safe landing; "there will be a good chance of death". In fact, he had even stated that the chances of one returning to earth alive are not very high.

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