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After silent April Maruti Suzuki sells 18539 units in May

India June 01(IM): Maruti Suzuki on Monday announced that it had sold a total of 18,539 units in the month of May. This included 13,865 units in the domestic markets and 23 units to other OEM.

May would be seen as a month of much-needed respite even if the sales figures are nowhere close to the pre-Covid-19 levels. This is because Maruti, much like almost every other automotive manufacturer, posted zero sales in April owing to the national lockdown in place. While the lockdown continues to remain in effect across the country and is in its fifth phase currently, there have been several relaxations that were made though the course of May.

Maruti, following government regulations and guidelines, resumed operations at its Manesar facility on May 12 and at Gurugram on May 18. Production also resumed at Suzuki Motor Gujarat Pvt Limited (SMG) from May 25th 2020. SMG manufactures cars on a contract basis for Maruti Suzuki.

And while an employee at the Manesar facility would eventually test positive for Covid-19 after operations had resumed, the company has managed to ensure that other employees were not affected. This could largely be due to strict measures put into place at production facilities, office spaces and at showrooms and workshops.

Maruti's showrooms and workshops across the country have also gradually started returning to work even if the company continues to urge customers to make use of its digital channels for purchase as well as service bookings. Showrooms which are not yet open are because they are in containment zones and would resume work once special restrictions are lifted.

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