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Elon Musk wants to buy an iPhone 15 and internet finds his reason quite relatable

India September 25(IM): Since its launch, Apples iPhone 15 series has created a frenzy among enthusiasts. The phones were launched on September 12 and went on sale on September 22, prompting fans of the brand to form long queues outside stores. Several videos and pictures of the same went viral too. Now, Elon Musk has also shown his interest in buying one for himself and netizens found his reason quite relatable.

So, Apples CEO Tim Cook took to X (formerly Twitter) to share pictures with photographers Stephen Wilkes and Reuben Wu. The photographers had clicked pictures of summer in Rhode Island and deserts of Utah with iPhone 15 Pro Max.

World-renowned photographers Stephen Wilkes and Reuben Wu show us creativity is limitless with iPhone 15 Pro Max. Their vivid photos display breathtaking views from the beauty of summer in Rhode Island to the other-worldly deserts of Utah. Thank you for showing me your work, the caption read.

Responding to the post, Musk wrote, The beauty of iPhone pictures and videos is incredible.

Cook, in a separate tweet, shared pictures from the new product launches at Apples Fifth Avenue in New York. Loved celebrating our incredible new lineup of products today at Apple Fifth Avenue. Around the world, the all-new iPhone 15 family, first carbon-neutral models of Apple Watch, and the latest AirPods are here, and theyve never been more essential. he wrote.

The billionaire’s thoughts resonated with social media users who took to the comments section to express their opinions.

They knocked it out of the park with the iPhone 15 Pro, a user wrote. A person questioned, Elon why dont you make an XPhone?

Its going to be a good purchase, another user commented. A fourth user remarked, Ill buy one if tesla triples.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 15 series consists of four models – iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. The base model with 128 GB storage costs Rs 79,900.

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