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www.indianmirror.com as the name suggests is a true reflection of the marvelous country India.Sincere efforts are being taken continously to build and reflect as the mirror of India. The site attracts 35% US Visitors, 50% Indian Visitors and 15% visitors from other countries.

We are well known for the Indian Recipes and Microwave Cooking. For the first information on India, our India News Channel covers all areas including politics, government news, Bollywood, health, sports, science, business, etc., In association with ANI we are able to provide you with quality news the moment it happens. We publish news before it is shown in Google News, Yahoo News, Live News or your regional Newspaper.

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Nirmala Stanley
2/41 - VIP Nagar,

Vilankurichi Road,

Coimbatore - 641035,



Phone: + 91 98430 90817