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The Federation of Indian Airlines (FIA) serves as an apex industry body which has been formed by the scheduled carriers in India. The airline industry joined together to form a single representative body, which would address a collaborative growth-agenda for the industry and focus on Inter-airline cooperation across different issues. FIA is mostly the voice of India's airline industry which is working to identify and take up issues on behalf of the industry, with various regulatory authorities, government departments and other key stake-holders. The Federation provides a platform for consensus building amongst most of the member carriers.

Indian Airlines
The focus for FIA and its activities is safety, passenger amenities, ground services, aviation protocols which are among others with an overall objective of safety and growth in the Indian aviation sector. FIA also builds a repository of data and its analyses the data, in order to meaningfully contribute to debates focusing on key issues in the aviation sector. The functioning of the FIA is being guided by an Executive Council, comprising chiefs of each of the member airlines. A permanent secretariat of FIA has been put into place to take forward diverse initiatives, which will result in overall aviation growth in the country.

India's aviation sector has emerged as a strong growth engine for the national economy. The Indian Airlines industry has been the core of a remarkable market expansion, and have played an important role in providing connectivity. FIA believes that the airline industry can play a positive role in driving India's economic growth. India's nascent aviation growth story has urged the needs of the airlines to leverage synergies and resources for a healthy outlook for the sector. FIA is also establishing working relationships with the other international agencies in the aviation sector, including the International Air Transport Association (IATA), International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) among others. The apex body will be able to assess and track global developments in the Aviation industry and disseminate information on these developments.

Air India:
Air India is India's national flag carrier. Although air transport was born in India on February 18, 1911 when Henri Piquet, flying a Humber bi-plane, carried mail from Allahabad to Naini Junction, some six miles away, the scheduled services in India, in the real sense, began on October 15, 1932. It was on this day that J.R.D. Tata, the father of Civil Aviation in India and founder of Air India, took off from Drigh Road Airport, Karachi, in a tiny, light single-engined de Havilland Puss Moth on his flight to Mumbai (then known as Bombay) via Ahmedabad. He landed with his precious load of mail on a grass strip at Juhu. At Mumbai, Neville Vintcent, a former RAF pilot who had come to India from Britain three years earlier on a barn-storming tour, during which he had surveyed a number of possible air routes, took over from J.R.D.Tata and flew the Puss Moth to Chennai (then Madras) via Bellary.

Jet Airways:
Jet Airways commenced its operations on May 5, 1993, and within a short span period has established its position as a market leader. The airline has had most of the distinction of being repeatedly adjudged as India's 'Best Domestic Airline' and has won several national and international awards. The Airline is an Active Member and a member of the IATA Clearing House and is also a participant of the IATA Multilateral Agreement for Passengers and Cargo Traffic. Jet Airways has very much earned the distinction of receiving the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) Registration.The IOSA Programme is recognised by the member airlines of IATA as a benchmark for airline safety and quality.

Kingfisher Airlines :
It is India's first and also the only private airline to receive the prestigious, 'Best New Airline of the Year' award in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East region from the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA). Kingfisher Airlines has also been voted as the 3rd Most Successful Brand Launch of the Year 2005, in the annual Brand Derby Survey conducted by India's leading business daily-Business Standard. In another Survey conducted by and Brand Reporter, Kingfisher was voted as the 7th Buzziest Brand of 2005 amongst 2000 leading national and international brands. More recently, Kingfisher Airlines was able to bag the "Service Excellence for a New Airline" award from Skytrax, a UK based specialist global air transport advisor.

SpiceJet's mission:
It is exclusively India's preferred low-cost airline, delivering the lowest air fares with the highest consumer value, to price sensitive consumers. With India's economic and business growth, the percentage of the traveling population is burgeoning. More and more Indians are traveling for both business and pleasure and everyone needs to save both time and money. SpiceJet's vision is to answer that need, to ensure that flying is no longer only for CEOs and business travelers, but for everyone.

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