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Farmers Day

Farmer's Day is celebrated on the 23rd of December every year to promote awareness to help and reward farmers for their contribution to society. Atleast Farmer's Day observance compel us to think how farmers grow crops with great difficulty and their burnt skin to feed us, but themselves remain backward and wretched.

It is celebrated on 23rd December as it is the Birthday of Indian farmer's leader late Chaudhary Charan Singh.

They should be helped generously in education and healthcare. For all these, the first step is to elevate the living conditions of farmers. Their continued over-reliance on rain-fed agriculture is doing a ot of harm to the economy. For this farmers change and give way to improved modern systems of farming.

Farmers Day The Farmer's Day observance is a programme to assess how important is the role of farmers in social and economic development of a country. They need to be helped in education, training in scientific farming, loan, storage and marketing of their produce and manu more.

Of course, the Agricultural Department is taking care of their needs but the involvement of the whole country is needed to work for the cause of farmers. Farmer's co-operative movement has gained momentum in some developed states. Yet we have to go a long way.

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