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The Fertilizer Association of India (FAI) is mainly a non-profit and non-trading company representing mainly the fertiliser manufacturers, distributors, importers, equipment manufacturers, research institutes and suppliers of inputs. The Association was established in 1955 with the objective of bringing together all the activities concerned with the production, marketing and use of fertilizers. The Indian fertiliser industry is very much complex consisting of plants with varying capacity, technology, vintage and so on. With nearly 1502 members involving Active, Associate, Overseas Associate and Technical and Professional Members, the FAI provides the necessary support for meeting the challenges facing the industry.

  • Assist the industry in improving its operative efficiency

  • Find solutions to the problems which are faced by the fertiliser industry and agriculture

  • Promote the balanced and efficient use of fertilizer

  • Encourage the use of more and better plant foods

  • Promote consideration and discussion of all questions and queries that contribute to sound agricultural practices

  • Ensuring Food Security through balanced and efficient use of plant nutrients is the prime objective of the Association.

Indian Fertilizer association
FAI is managed by the Board of Directors which is represented by the various interests of constituent member units. Presently, the Board comprises 33 Directors who are mostly the Chief Executives of various member companies. The Chairman and the Co-Chairman are elected periodically. The Director General of the FAI is the full time Chief Executive of the Association and administers the Association within the policy guidelines laid down by the Board. The activities of FAI are carried out through various functional divisions/departments,
namely Technical, Environment and Safety, Marketing, Statistics, Information and Communication, Economics, Agricultural Sciences, Documentation, Accounts and Administration and Public Relations. The FAI has four Regional offices located in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Delhi. The Regional Offices mainly focus on local issues and have continuous interface with the fertiliser manufacturers operating in their respective regions, the state governments and other local authorities. The total staff strength of FAI is 62. The activities are financed by the annual subscription from Members (for Active Members subscription is related to tonnage of nutrients sold subject to a ceiling).

Other Objectives
  • To unite those engaged in Fertiliser industry.

  • To promote consideration and even discussion of all questions that contribute to sound agricultural
    practices and to the economic development of fertiliser and agricultural industries.

  • To institute, prosecute, develop and also to continue on the scientific and economic research regarding preparation
    of fertilisers, increasing soil fertility and crop production.

  • To improve practices which are within the country in the production and distribution of fertilisers.

  • To encourage the use of more and better plant foods.

  • To seek to obtain more efficient use of fertilisers of all types.

  • To make the cultivators very much aware of the benefits of fertiliser use.
FAI is associated with 1502 members all over India and overseas comprising of Manufacturers, Professionals, Technocrats, etc. FAI members are involved in all activities related to the production and distribution of plant nutrients, their raw materials and intermediates.

Category and Eligibility of Membership
There are four categories of Membership in FAI.

1. Active

2. Associate

3. Overseas Associate

4. Technical & Professional

The first three categories are of the corporate Members and the 4th category is Individual Member.


Active Members :
Any person, firm, company or corporation who is engaged mainly in:
(a) the manufacture of fertilisers in India or
(b) the importing of fertilisers or in the distribution of imported fertilisers of any kind in India in quantities not less than 50,000 tonnes per year, shall be eligible as an Active member of the Association.

Associate Members :

any individual, firm, company corporation or association in India who is mainly involved in the following:
(a) a fertiliser distributor or dealer
(b) a manufacturer or may be supplier of fertiliser plants, equipment or appliances or of materials used in fertiliser manufacture;
(c) who are usually engaged in the design and even construction of fertiliser plants, equipment or appliances
(d) a manufacturer of agricultural chemicals
(e) a producer of certified seeds
(f) interested or one who is concerned with fertilizers or agricultural production.

Overseas Associate Member : one who is a person, firm, company, corporation or association outside India and not having an office or branch in India , who is engaged in business connected with fertilisers or fertiliser raw materials or fertiliser plants and equipment shall be eligible as an Overseas Associate Member.

Technical and Professional Associate Member : Any person having a professional or technical qualification in agricultural or related sciences shall be eligible as Technical and Professional Associate Member of the Association.


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