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Dumroo is probably the oldest and traditional form of percussion instrument in India. Dumroo is the only remaining form of hour-glass drums which are seen in ancient Indian statues. Its musical role is minimal and it is most commonly known for its association with Lord Shiva and monkey charmers. It is historically important that the dumroo is considered the forefather of all two sided membranous instruments.

Shiva is depicted as holding a Dumroo a small drum shaped like an hourglass. Shiva holding Damaru is popular in the Nataraja form. Sometimes Lord Shiva is shown in a dancing posture other than Nataraja and holding the Damroo. In some images the Damaru is tied to the Trishul or trident. The sound from Damroo's instrument symbolizes the sound that originates creation and perpetuates the universe.

Damroo, the drum of Shiva, is believed to be the first instrument given to humanity by the Lord himself; many sadhus carry it, as do madaris, men who exhibit bears and monkeys, and pavement vendors. The dumroo's steady rhythm provides an ideal accompaniment to ballads. This two sided drum sports hour glass sticks, fingers or beads at the ends of strings wound around its middle. Cords control the tautness of the skin and the drum can be "tuned". The player holds the drum in one hand and gives it a sharp twist, shells and bells may be suspended from the damroo's central cord and the heads and body of the drum may be painted with motifs.

How to play a Dumroo

Damroo is the hourglass shaped drum. It has mythological as well as religious significances as Lord Shiva is always depicted with a damroo. It is believed that it was invented and first played by him when he performed the dance of anger and destruction. To play this instrument, it is held in one hand and shaken by twisting the wrist by 90 degrees angle.

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