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iPhone Gamers Brace Yourselves for the Appocalypse

India July 24(IM): If you’re an iPhone user still addicted to Flappy Bird, be ready to experience withdrawal symptoms.When Apple launches iOS 11 in September, the company will drop support for old 32-bit applications—which is most apps released before 2014. Apps that haven’t been updated by their developers to run on the more efficient 64-bit architecture will cease to work. While key products such as Facebook and Twitter were updated long ago, nearly 200,000 apps from designers without the motivation or resources to make the changeover won’t make the cut. The transition offers a great opportunity for Apple to scrub scores of clunky, dated products from its App Store. But it will also hit older games particularly hard. Past gems like Flight Control, Canabalt, Civilization Revolution 2, and cult favorite Flappy Bird—once showcases for the iOS platform—look to be relegated to a dwindling number of dying devices. That is, unless someone steps up to save these treasured apps.Gamers have already had some portends of the App-ocalypse. Most famously, BioShock, the critically acclaimed game set in a future in which the rich are obsessed with maintaining their wealth (can you imagine?), had but a brief life on iOS. The 2014 release of the high-quality game on a mobile system was a big deal in an age when Angry Birds was one of the better-looking apps around. However, after a single year, Apple released a software update that left BioShock in the dust. Its publisher declined to release a supported version and pulled it from the App Store. Unless you’re preserving it on one of a few old models of iPhones or iPads running an iOS version between 7.1 and 8.4.1, you won’t be playing it again.But that was just one game. Now the incompatibility problem is poised to expand to a major portion of the App Store. Apple, for its part, has been sending future incompatibility notices to both users and developers since 2014, and their message has been clear: Update or cease to function. It doesn’t matter if a user still enjoys playing Monkey Island, or that he or she paid for their beloved XCOM. When iPhone and iPad users install software updates in September (and please do update), the unsupported apps will be useless.

24/07/2017 7:08:00 PM

HDFC Bank sets aside Rs 206 cr provisions for agri telecom iron & steel sectors

Superfast trains don’t keep time 95percent of times despite surcharges said a CAG report

Patanjali effect cannot be ignored says Colgates global CEO

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iPhone Gamers Brace Yourselves for the Appocalypse


UR Rao dies Ex-ISRO chief played key role in building Indias first satellite Aryabhata

India July 24(IM): Udupi Ramachandra Rao, the former chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), died on Monday following prolonged illness. Popularly known as UR Rao, breathed his last at his residence in Bengaluru at the age of 85.The internationally renowned space scientist had a heart ailment and was recovering at home after he was recently discharged from a private hospital. The nation and the space community from across the globe are mourning his death.Here is all you need to know about Rao, who was the man behind India's first satellite Aryabhata.

24/07/2017 7:24:00 PM

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Microsoft Deprecates Paint After 32 Years With Windows 10 Fall Creators Update


ICC Womens World Cup 2017 in numbers From Mithali Rajs records to Anya Shrubsoles magical spell

India July 24(IM): Australia and England were the overwhelming favourites at the start of the ICC Women’s World Cup but the performances of India and South Africa forced many people to think that both semi-finals and final can be exciting if there's not much gap in terms of quality.

24/07/2017 7:33:00 PM

Older and wiser Ashwin plots more success from Galle pedestal

Punjab CM offers DSPs post to in Punjab Police to Harmanpreet Kaur after announcing INR 5 Lakh cash reward

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ICC Womens World Cup 2017 in numbers From Mithali Rajs records to Anya Shrubsoles magical spell

Older and wiser Ashwin plots more success from Galle pedestal


Terror attack in Kabul At least 26 people killed in car bomb attack claimed by Taliban

Pakistan July 24(IM): At least 26 people were killed and 41 wounded today after a Taliban-claimed car bomb struck a bus carrying government employees through a Shiite neighbourhood in Kabul, raising fears of sectarian violence in the Afghan capital. The assault came as a presidential spokesman said the Taliban also killed at least 35 civilians in an attack on a hospital in central Ghor province over the weekend. The deadly attacks underscore spiralling insecurity in Afghanistan as the resurgent Taliban ramp up their offensive across the country, while security forces struggle to contain them.In today’s blast the bus was carrying employees of the ministry of mines, passing from western Kabul to the downtown ministry during rush hour, interior ministry spokesman Najib Danish told AFP. It was struck by the car bomb as it passed through a busy area of the capital that is home to many Shiite Hazaras, a persecuted ethnic minority. An AFP photographer at the scene saw multiple bodies and wounded people in the street, surrounded by shattered glass as security forces cordoned off the area. The bus’s charred remains were left smoking in the middle of the road as the wounded were rushed to hospitals in ambulances as well as private cars and taxis.“It was a huge explosion, my house nearly collapsed,” a neighbourhood resident who gave his name as Mostafa told AFP, adding that the street was “filled with human flesh and blood”. “It was horrible,” said shopkeeper Momin. “It is a crowded area — many of my friends and other shopkeepers are either killed or wounded.” The Taliban claimed responsibility for the blast, which came just before 7 am. The group rarely claims attacks with high civilian casualties, but does frequently target government employees. Afghan presidential spokesman Shah Hussain Murtazawi put the toll at 26 dead and 41 wounded. At a press conference, Murtazawi also said at least 35 people were killed in the hospital attack over the weekend.All the victims were civilians, Murtazawi said, without specifying if they were patients or staff. “This is a cruel crime against humanity,” he added. He did not elaborate, and officials say phone lines are down in Taywara district, captured by the militants over the weekend. The Taliban have denied the claim and reports they torched the hospital, though a spokesman said parts of the building were damaged in fighting. Ghor is a poor, mountainous province that has been relatively safe in the past but shares a border with the Taliban-infested provinces of Helmand and Farah. Afghan forces control 59.7 per cent of the country, according to a US watchdog’s report issued in May after the winter lull in fighting, up slightly from the previous quarter.But the insurgents have ramped up their offensive across the country since launching their so-called “spring offensive” earlier this year. Today’s attack in Kabul came as the Hazara community had planned to hold a demonstration in the same neighbourhood to mark the one-year anniversary of twin bombings that killed 84 people in an attack claimed by Islamic State. They had agreed to postpone the demonstration over security fears and after meeting with President Ashraf Ghani on Sunday. The Taliban have carried out sectarian attacks in the past, though they have been rare in Sunni-majority Afghanistan throughout its decades of war.The rise of IS, which has frequently targeted Shiites, has fuelled the spectre of more such assaults, with fears Monday that Hazaras had been the target of the car bomb rather than the government employees. Others suggested the politician Mohammad Mohaqeq, whose home is nearby, could have been the target. Kabul is regularly rocked by suicide bombs and assaults. A recent UN report showed that attacks on the capital accounted for nearly one-fifth of all civilian Afghan casualties in the first half of 2017. Many died in a single devastating attack in late May when a truck bomb exploded, also during the morning Kabul rush hour, killing more than 150 people and injuring hundreds.The bloody toll for the first six months of 2017 has unsettled the government and put increasing pressure on Ghani, who condemned Monday’s attack. NATO’s combat mission in Afghanistan ended three years ago, handing sole responsibility to the country’s security forces, which have also suffered spiralling casualties as they try to beat back the Taliban.

24/07/2017 6:55:00 PM

Israel Embassy Shooting in Jordan Deepens Temple Mount Security Crisis

Number of Indians heading to Gulf countries falls remittances dip

Sikkim standoff India must hold ground in Doka La save Bhutan from falling into Chinese hands

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Terror attack in Kabul At least 26 people killed in car bomb attack claimed by Taliban


Sonam Kapoor holidays in NY with rumored beau and a lot of shoes

India July 24(IM): Sonam Kapoor and her rumoured beau Anand Ahuja are vacationing in New York and their pictures together will give you an acute case of wanderlust. And a craving to get a new pair of sneakers, or maybe 10. Because, their photos have a lot of shoes and we love all of them.Bollywood star Sonam Kapoor is said to be dating Delhi-based fashion entrepreneur, Anand Ahuja. Though they are yet to officially announce their relationship, they keep sharing adorable pictures on Instagram.Ahuja has now shared some cute pictures of Sonam from New York. And the shoes they are wearing.Sonam’s recent posts on Instagram, where she spoke about her ”sweetheart” in a poetic manner became the talk of the town but what caught everyone’s attention was how Anand reacted to it in a rather loving way.

24/07/2017 7:21:00 PM

Dileep denied bail by Kerala High Court Loss of stardom for actor as jail stay continues

Avengers: Infinity Wars latest posters are out

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HIV fight advances with new drug cocktails, fresh vaccine hopes

India July 24(IM): Three decades after approval of the first-ever AIDS treatment, HIV medicine is seeing a new wave of innovation with scientists reporting positive data on Monday for improved drug cocktails and a novel experimental vaccine.Adding to optimism is the success of antiretrovirals in preventing infection - an approach known as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) - as well as growing hopes for an eventual "functional" cure that may keep the virus at bay without drugs.Researchers believe such advances are necessary to stay ahead of a virus that can all too often develop resistance to medicines, despite the use since 1996 of three- or four-drug combinations that mean HIV/AIDS is no longer a death sentence."New products are needed. The Achilles heel for us is drug resistance because the virus is incredibly quick to mutate," Linda-Gail Bekker, deputy director of the Desmond Tutu HIV Centre in South Africa, said.Bekker is also president of the International AIDS Society, which organised the conference in Paris where the latest clinical results were presented.The race for better and more convenient medicines has made HIV a rich battleground for drug companies such as Gilead Sciences and GlaxoSmithKline, which generate billions of dollars from modern therapies.Both companies garnered fresh ammunition to boost their products in Paris.New clinical data confirmed Gilead's new drug bictegravir, given with older antiretrovirals, was as good as GSK's established dolutegravir and had a similar side effect profile. Gilead filed the new cocktail for regulatory approval in June.Both bictegravir and dolutegravir are so-called integrase inhibitors, a type of medicine that has proved extremely effective at blocking HIV.GSK, meanwhile, unveiled results of a 96-week study with a long-acting two-drug injection given every four or eight weeks using another integrase inhibitor, cabotegravir, that showed it worked as well - and perhaps better - than standard daily pills.For GSK, two-drug cocktails represent the future of HIV treatment, especially for the growing number of older patients who are more vulnerable to side effects from taking multiple medicines.It hopes to win approval for its first dual therapy - a tablet containing dolutegravir - later this year.GSK's long-acting injection is further off but it offers an option for people who don't want daily pills, which some experts think might be 10 to 20 percent of the market. GSK also faces a rival in Merck & Co, which is working on an even longer-lasting drug that could one day be used as an implant.David Redfern, chairman of GSK's majority-owned ViiV Healthcare HIV business, believes one thing is clear: competition is set to intensify."The battle will play through from next year, but we feel in a strong position to defend the franchise that we have built up," he told Reuters.Gilead's clinical research head Andrew Cheng said the rival combinations were very comparable and there would now be a shift in treatment to the newer, more effective therapies.

24/07/2017 7:29:00 PM

In cows a possible key to HIV vaccine

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