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Clashes between ABVP and other DU students cops crack down

India February 22(IM):Scuffles broke out on Wednesday outside Delhi’s Ramjas College during a protest march of DU students led by AISA and SFI members against the ABVP’s disruption of a literary event at the institute.Students from the college were supposed to march to Maurice Nagar police station, demanding action against the ABVP. They were allegedly stopped by members of the student group affiliated to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.Amid sloganeering and fights, police were deployed to bring the situation under control but scuffles and demonstrations did not stop.Students from Ramjas College and other Delhi University colleges say this is a “breach of freedom of expression”.Around 100 cops in riot gear deployed to maintain law and order outside the Maurice Nagar police station where students continue to shout slogans.Police stand outside the gate of Ramjas college, not letting anyone in. Some of the students and teachers are holed up inside.Three Delhi University students brought to north Delhi Municipal Corporation-run Hindu Rao Hospital’s emergency on Wednesday afternoon, with minor injuries. “They have suffered cuts and bruises but nothing serious. We referred them to the surgical department as a precautionary measure,” says Dr AK Goyal, medical superintendent at the hospital.Sloganeering continues on both sides. “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” and “Desh ke gaddaron ko, jootey maaro...” ring on the ABVP side while the other side counters with “ABVP ki gundagardi nahi chalegi” and “ABVP campus chodo”.“There have been clashes between students before but what we saw yesterday and today is different. Teachers were attacked. If they have differences, they can protest. Why resort to violence?” says DUTA president Nandita Narain at the protest site.The Common Student Teachers March from Ramjas College to Maurice Nagar police station started at around 1pm on Wednesday demanding action against alleged vandalism by ABVP members at the literary event on Tuesday.Kawalpreet Kaur concludes the address to the students. Other student leaders address the crowd. Sloganeering continues on both sides.The protesting students are a mix of AISA, SFI and other non-affiliated students from different DU colleges. A few students from JNU are also present.“We will lodge complaints against the ABVP members. We will not get intimidated,” says Kawalpreet Kaur outside the police station while addressing the students. Kawalpreet Kaur, AISA presidential candidate for 2016 DUSU elections, addresses the students outside the police station.Students and ABVP members placed on either side of the barricades with ABVP members closer to the police station gates and the students on the opposite side of the road. ABVP members allegedly throw eggs and stones at the students over the barricades while the protesting students continue to raise slogans and retaliate by throwing the things back at them.Police barricades the area, segregating the protesting students from ABVP members.AISA member Kawalpreet Kaur says that they had intimated the police about the ‘peaceful march’ earlier. “ABVP was beating us despite police being present. Many girls complained that they were touched inappropriately,” Kaur says.ABVP members sit outside Maurice Nagar police station blocking the entry for others students who want to go inside to lodge complaint against them.

22/02/2017 5:23:00 PM

Dead Karnataka teenager wakes up on way to his funeral

Upsurge in India Africa ties a win win situation says Hamid Ansari

CBI arrests IRS officer J P Singh for bribery in IPL betting scam

BMC polls 2017 Turn out doubles by noon but many dont figure in voter list


This ATM gets its Rs 2000 notes from Childrens Bank of India

India February 22(IM): A call centre employee recently returned from a trip to a State Bank of India ATM in South Delhi with fake Rs 2,000 notes that mentioned ‘Children’s Bank of India’ as the issuing authority and had a ‘Churan Lable’ instead of the Ashoka Chakra among a slew of inaccuracies, according to a report in Hindustan Times. The report quoted a senior police officer as confirming the development and said that the ATM had dispensed four such notes to the customer. A sub-inspector who visited the ATM also received a fake Rs 2,000 note but found that all other notes in the bundle were genuine. The other errors on the note included the mention of a Bharatiya Manorajan Bank, a missing rupee symbol and governor’s signature, a ‘PK’ logo instead of the RBI seal, and a ‘promise to pay the barer two thousand coupens’ (sic).The incident took place on February 6. No other customer has made a similar complaint. The police are yet to identify the culprits and a case has been registered. A SBI spokesman was quoted as saying that the bank would send a team to investigate the matter. Earlier this week, Border Security Forces seized a consignment of fake Rs 2,000 denomination notes near the Bangladesh border totaling Rs 96,000. Unlike in the SBI incident, however, the seized notes were much closer to resembling the genuine Rs 2,000 note.

22/02/2017 5:31:00 PM

Flat owners can join hands to move national consumer forum against builders says SC

Snapdeal to Lay Off Around 600 People Over Next Few Days in Search of Profitability

IT companies ganged up to keep freshers salary low said Mohandas Pai

Reliance Jio launches prime membership at Rs 99 Full text of Mukesh Ambani's speech


Microsofts Satya Nadella and Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu Share a Vision for Digital India

India February 22(IM): At Microsoft's Future Decoded conference that took place in Mumbai, its CEO Satya Nadella took to the stage on Wednesday to share his vision of a digitally transformed India. Among other things, Microsoft unveiled Skype Lite - a new product that's been made for India, which consumes much less data than the original Skype app. Along with Skype Lite, Microsoft also showcased something that it has been talking about for quite some time now - Skype with Aadhaar. With the new feature, a Skype caller can verify your identity using the Aadhaar card, although this is based on OTP verification sent to your Aadhaar-linked phone number, not to biometrics. This could still be used for verification of identity during live interviews, or remote verification of eKYC, amongst other things.Speaking at the conference, Nadella also unveiled some new features around LinkedIn, which Microsoft acquired in 2016. He talked about LinkedIn Lite, which was announced last year, and then talked about Project Sangam, which would help people find blue collar jobs, and help teach people the basic skill required for these jobs."It uses a deep integration with LinkedIn to provide every Indian with jobs. Hospitality is a great example of a sector that can benefit from this," said Nadella. You can sign in to Project Sangam with your Aadhaar details, and it provides training for jobs in F&B, BPOs, Retail, and other similar areas, with courses, and then connecting people with jobs. Nadella said that this is currently in a private preview.Nadella also talked about Kaizala, a mobile app that Microsoft had launched last year as a productivity app for teams. "What we had seen was that email was often the primary means of collaboration and coordination even in government organisations," said Nadella, "and people are using consumer Internet services to get government or business work done. But the problem is that you don't control the data in that scenario. With Kaizala, you're able to bring all the departments together."

22/02/2017 5:40:00 PM

Satellite launch a proof of ISROs capabilities says founder of space startups

PSLV launch was not aimed to set any record

India can make its own space station if govt takes decision said the ISRO Chief


IPL auction expands horizons and boosts unknown players

India February 22(IM): That Ben Stokes is the most coveted overseas player in the Indian Premier League this season shouldn’t really have surprised anybody, though the price he was bought for (Rs14.5 crore) was quite extraordinary, even allowing for inflation. Stokes is arguably the world’s premier all-rounder in all formats, but particularly so in Twenty20. He has great power and a wide range of strokes, fields brilliantly, but, most importantly, is a bowler effective with new ball and old. Stokes can be real quick, which is an advantage if a bowler has control, as he does. Moreover, he also has clever variations in pace. This makes him invaluable in the “death” overs when batsmen are looking to play big shots.

22/02/2017 5:37:00 PM

Virat Kohli refuses to judge himself as captain despite unbeaten streak in Tests

At 3 Crore Thangarasu Natarajan, Son Of Daily Wager Was A Top Buy At IPL Auction

India Vs Australia FaceOff Virat Kohli Vs Mitchell Starc


Kim Jong Nams murder

Malaysia February 22(IM): Malaysian police on Wednesday named a senior official in North Korea’s embassy and a staffer at its state airline, who are wanted for questioning over the murder last week of Kim Jong Nam, the estranged half-brother of North Korea’s leader.Kim Jong Nam, 46, was killed at Kuala Lumpur International Airport on February 13, while preparing to board a flight to Macau, where he lived in exile with his family under the protection of Beijing.

22/02/2017 5:25:00 PM

Bodies of at least 74 migrants wash ashore in western Libya

Suicide bombers kill six outside Pakistani court and attack claimed by Taliban splinter group


Lion Movie Review Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman Are Terrific In This Magnificent Film

India February 22(IM): Simple, solid storytelling has no substitute. Lion is a shining testimony to that timeless showbiz axiom. Director Garth Davis makes felicitous creative choices and imparts emotional depth and range to a perilously wispy storyline. Aided admirably by his screenwriter (poet-novelist Luke Davies), Davis turns a stranger-than-fiction true story into a two-hour-long fable so universal that it reinforces our collective faith in humanity in a time of fast receding hope. Filmed in challenging locations in India and markedly less daunting ones in Australia, Lion brings to the screen the astonishing tale of a boy from a poor Indian family who strays some 1,600 kilometers away from home, finds a new life Down Under and, 25 years on, is miraculously reunited with his mother in a dusty village near Khandwa.For his feature debut, Davis (a maker of commercials who collaborated with Jane Campion on the 2013 miniseries Top of the Lake) harnesses the story's intrinsic emotional strength to craft a heartstrings-tugging, uplifting film. Lion does not exactly push the boundaries of the 'incredible true story' genre, but it achieves a serene, ennobling quality that is difficult not to be bowled over by.With controlled intensity, Lion mirrors the anguish of separation, loss of home and blurring of identity while celebrating the regenerative power of a mother's love and exploring the notion of adoption in a nation that has 30 million orphans.The director steers clear of overt melodrama and attention-seeking stylistic flourishes. He opts instead for a steady, sedate approach shot through with empathy and warmth. The sustained restraint that Davis brings to the table in portraying the unbelievable adventures of a boy lost and found lends the tale both relatable resonance and undeniable uniqueness.Lion glides smoothly back and forth between the sepulchral and the exuberant, the all-encompassing and the commonplace. It places the protagonist in the midst of a sweeping twirl of fate that is first heart-breaking and then life-affirming.The exceptional widescreen cinematography by Greig Fraser (Zero Dark Thirty, Foxcatcher) frequently offers stunning and dynamic fly-cam views of the central Indian landscape. In the process, it creates up a grand visual scale within which the story of an individual who is no more than a mere speck in the larger scheme of things is sought to be framed. The drama in Lion is at once epic and intimate. It is enhanced appreciably by a terrifically clued-in cast headed by Nicole Kidman and Dev Patel.The events dramatized in Lion are obviously drawn from the real-life experiences of Saroo Brierley, a foundling adopted from a Calcutta orphanage in the mid-1980s by a Tasmanian couple. Adapted for the screen from Brierley's book A Long Way Home, the film stays true to the spirit of the actual story. It never strays from the firmly realistic dimension of Saroo's struggles.Lion isn't a thunderous roar. It's more a soulful, reassuring purr that reverberates gently into the recesses of the heart, curls up in a cozy place, and works its subtle magic. In one word, magnificent.

22/02/2017 5:34:00 PM

Court seeks Akshay Kumars contact details

Ben Stokes Becomes Most Expensive Foreign Player Ever but No Takers For Ishant and Irfan

Kangana Ranaut Claims Big People Threatened Her In Hrithik Roshan Episode

Varun Dhawan not allowed to vote as name missing from voter list


Chennai oil spill has severely impacted volunteers health says report

India February 22(IM): An independent report has highlighted the long-term health impacts of the Ennore oil spill and the need for sustained medical care for volunteers as well as local residents, who came into contact with the oil.The report, a summary of a fact-finding mission led by Dr Shruthee SG, Dr S Sudharshini, and Dr Amaran M, was centred around Bharatiyar Nagar, a residential area dominated by fishermen and which was the worst affected by the oil spill that occurred on January 28. The report was released on Tuesday.“The reason we conducted the field research and released this report was because we didn’t see many media reports about the long-term health problems stemming from the spill,” Dr Shruthee SG said.“But it was also to raise awareness. Many of those who helped clear the oil spill - from volunteers to fishermen, to local residents, to firemen - did not have proper safety equipment and did not even know the ramifications,” she added.There are two groups of chemicals in crude oils that are particularly hazardous to humans. One is volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which include chemicals like benzene and xylene, and the other is polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.If these chemicals are either inhaled or come into contact with the skin, short-term effects include irritation of the skin, inflammation of the eyes, and respiratory problems.In the long-term, the damage could be far more severe. Cancer, specifically leukaemia and skin cancer, along with chronic body pain and an increased likelihood of heart attacks.“This isn’t just an issue that volunteers who came into direct contact with the oil have to worry about. Local residents, many of whom complained about sore eyes and breathing difficulties, are also more susceptible to these health risks because of their close proximity to the oil,” Dr Amaran N said.The report stressed that the most important thing authorities can do is monitor the health of those affected. It made it clear that steps must be taken to ensure that misinformation does not spread in case there is another oil spill.“You had volunteers who were cleaning up the oil spill in t-shirts and shorts, without gloves or even a mask. You also had the collected oil just sitting there on the roadside in open bins and tubs. Clearly, safety was not a priority,” Shweta Narayan, an environmental activist with Healthy Energy Initiative, India, said.A combination of lack of information, no safety precautions, and no understanding of the health ramifications on the part of both those cleaning up the oil spill and the authorities has compounded the health impact of the Ennore disaster.The team of doctors recommended immediate medical checkups and monitoring of the residents.

22/02/2017 5:45:00 PM

After cardiac stents 14 more medical devices likely to see price regulation says Report