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The Indian Cuckoo or short-winged cuckoo or Indian Hawk Cuckoo with

the scientific name of Cuculus micropterus is one among the 21 Cuckoo species found in India.

These species are the member of the order Cuculiformes and the family Cuculidae found widely in all parts of India.

Two subspecies of Cuculus micropterus are known to exist. The quick classification of Cuckoo is as below,

Kingdom Animalia
 Phylum   Chordata 
 Class   Aves 
 Order   Cuculiformes 
 Family   Cuculidae 
 Genus   Cuculus 
 Species   Cuculus micropterus 
 Sub species  Cuculus micropterus micropterus, Cuculus micropterus concretus

Physical Characteristics:

Indian Cuckoos are medium sized, solitary and shy birds. The upperparts are grey in color and the under parts have broad black color feathers. Young birds have a white marking over their crown, chin and throat which makes it look contrasting in a dark face. The tail of the bird is barred with white tip at the broad and dark sub terminal band. The juveniles are brown colored with white markings at the head and wing feathers. They have a gray to yellow marking round the eye-ring. The color of iris ranges from light brown to reddish. Both males and females look akin except the females being paler in color when compared to males. Females have dark brown feathers on their breast and tail. The belly is narrower than in male. The beak is orange yellow with brown color at the tip.

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