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Indian Spot-billed Pelican

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The Spot billed pelican or grey pelican with the scientific name of Pelecanus philippensis is commonly found in India.

It is one of the large birds which live in islands and coastal water.

The name pelican is derived from the Greek word "pelekys". The quick classification of Grey pelican is as below,

 Kingdom  Animalia 
 Phylum   Chordata 
 Class   Aves 
 Order   Pelecaniformes 
 Family   Pelecanidae 
 Genus   Pelecanus 
 Species    Pelecanus philipensis  

Physical Characteristics:

The spot billed pelican is a small pelican bird when compared to other pelicans. The body of the spot billed pelican ranges from about 125 to 152 cm (49 to 60 in). The weight of the pelicon is about 4.1 to 6 kg (9 to 13.2 lbs). The wingspan of this pelican ranges about 1 to 3 m.

The body of this pelican is white in colour. It has a crest in grey colour. It has a tail in brown colour and also has a hind neck. The pouch of this bird is pink in colour and also has large pale spots. The bill (nail) of this bird is yellowish orange color. The Spot billed pelican tail is round in shape. The young pelicans are covered in white down. The spots appear on the bill after one year only. The breeding plumage appears in the third year.

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