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White Eyed Buzzard

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The White-eyed Buzzard with the scientific name Butastur teesa is a slim and medium sized hawk falling under the family Accipitridae and the genus Butastur.

This slim buzzard is distinct in its size and white iris. It is majorly found in South Asia and is a prime resident of India.

The specific name 'teesa' is derived from Hindi language. The name Butastur is used to denote that it is between Astur (old name of sparrow hawks) and Buteo buzzards. The quick classification of White-eyed Buzzard is as below,

Scientific Classification

Kingdom Animalia 
 Phylum   Chordata 
 Class   Aves 
 Order  Falconiformes
 Family  Accipitridae
 Genus  Butastur
 Species  B. teesa

Physical Characteristics:

White eye buzzard is of the hawk species and is a slim and small sized hawk with a distinct white iris in its eye. They have a dark mesipal stripe running across the white throat and bordered by dark moustachial stripes. White spots can be seen at the back of the head. The wing tip closely reaches the tip of the tail while perching. The head is brown, ceres are yellow and the underparts of the body are darkly colored.

The narrow wings appear rounded with feathers which are black tipped and the wings are lined dark during the flight.

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