www.indianmirror.com is an emerging Indian portal on Guides and Directories in India. It is a comprehensive site with information on India and its allied themes including India News. On an average it is getting around 150000 page views / month from around the globe.

An overview of the pages gives you a slice of the Peninsular Nation. It reflects the culture, arts and crafts, etc with vivid pictures and supportive descriptive write-ups. The geography section gives a detailed cover-up of all the Indian States and Union Territories with maps and a whole lot of facts. There is an insight into the popular faiths and religions of India with the related rituals and festivals explained in detail. The site is also a treasure trove of ancient strange customs and traditional games of the Indians. Mouth - watering recipes for the Indian maid are served in a very palatable manner under the Indian cuisine section.

The Indian Astrology section takes you to find your fate website. The population topic with the population clock ticking and the diapered baby moving around is worth visiting for the one bent more on figures and statistics. The History pages give the images of India right from the stone ages to the present - day tainted Politics. Moving on, you end up in a Pandora box full of detailed tourist spots\facilities in India.

The Help Page guides you along a smooth and easy browsing. Shopping in Traditional Indian Handicrafts and Ayurvedic Herbs is to be introduced shortly.

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