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Actor Dhanush was born on 28th July 1983 and his actual name is Venkatesh Prabhu Kasthuri Raja and he is the famous Tamil film actor, playback singer, lyricist and also the producer, seems to be a legend in Tamil Cinema industry.

He did many films like Kadhal Kondein, Pudhupettai, Aadukalam and Mayakkam Enna and also the films like Thulluvadho Ilamai, Thiruda Thirudi, Thiruvilayadal Arambam, Polladhavan, Yaaradi Nee Mohini, Padikathavan, Kutty and Uthama Puthiran which gave him a commercial success. He has also won the National Film Award for Best Actor- Tamil and the Filmfare Award for Best Actor – Tamil for his performance in the movie Aadukalam.

Date Of Birth : 28th July 1983
Place Of Birth : Chennai, Tamilnadu, India
Zodiac Sign : Leo

He is the son of the famous director Kasthuri Raja and he has got an elder brother Selvaraghavan who is also a famous director in the Tamil cinema industry. Actor Dhanush went to the highest level in the wake of the great success for his song "Why This Kolaveri Di" in the movie "Three" released in the year 2012.

  • As one of the noted director in the Tamil cinema industry Kasthuri raja who is also the father of Dhanush made him to act under the direction of him in the movie Thulluvadho Ilamai with the actress Sherin.

  • After the release of that movie, it got great reviews and the movie was a blockbuster and this gave Dhanush a standard level in the cinema industry. But Dhanush's acting in the movie Kadhal kondein film which was directed by his own brother Selvaraghavan and that was his first directorial venture.

  • In that film Dhanush was co–starred with Sonia Agarwal. After the release of that movie he won critical acclaim and the movie gained the commercial success, this movie brought actor Dhanush into the focus among the other actors in Tamil films.


In the year 2011 for the blockbuster movie Aadukalam,

he won the filmfare award for the best actor and the national award for the best actor.

And for the other movies Yaradi Nee Mohini, Polladhavan, Kadhal konden he was nominated .

  • Dhanush is the one among the youngest actor of the Tamil cinema industry and he is also one of the best comedian as well as action heroes. He plays his role in the cinema exactly. And the survey reports says that the actor earns in crores for his movies.

  • Dhanush's first movie was under the direction of his father Kasthuri Raja in , Thulluvadho Ilamai with another newcomer actress Sherin. After the release of the movie Dhanush got many negative reviews since it was an adult movie. After this Dhanush did another film under the direction of his brother Selvaraghavan who also got the debut directorial venture, by doing the movie Kadhal Kondein. The film gave Dhanush a new step to increase his performance than the movie Thuluvatho elamai. And the film got a critical and commercial success and Dhanush earned the place among the other actors in the Tamil cinema industry .

  • After that he did his next movie thiruda thirudi which was a box-office hit movie and it was released in the year 2003 and here he was co starred with actress Chaya Singh. And his dance for the song Manmadha Rasa, was appreciated and it gained a great name for him. Then after doing these first three films, Dhanush's acting in the other films all failed due to his acting and the character role totally spoiled his status as a leading actor in the Tamil cinema industry. And his first action movie was Pudhukottaiyilirundhu Saravanan and it was an utter failure. This was followed by the movie Sullan which was directed by one of the leading directors Ramana Madhesh and it received negative comments that Dhanush does not fit for the role of an action hero due to his slim body structure.

  • Here he co-starred with the heroine Sindhu Tolani. And his third movie was also a great failure and the movie was directed by his father. And that film remains to be a great failure til this date. In the year 2005 again Dhanush did two movies namely Devathaiyai Kanden and which was directed by Balu Mahendra's movie namely Adhu Oru Kana Kaalam. The former one was directed by newcomer director Boopathy Pandian and it gave great reviews for the actor Dhanush's performance it was also dubbed in the Telugu industry. In the Balu mahendra movie Dhanush co-starred with actress Priyamani. The movie got many reviews and it was not a successful movie.

  • Again Dhanush gave his venture in the year 2006 in the big budget movie like Pudhupettai. This film was also made by his brother after their previous great successful venture. Here he was acted with the two prominent famous heroines Sneha and Sonia Agarwal. This film was critically praised for Dhanush's realistic acting performance as the innocent boy who gets converted into a bloody criminal. Dhanush did a great acting by changing his expressions according to the situations and also gave a heavier body language in that movie. This was his best performances when compared to his other movies. The film which became a box-office hit among all the states and it gained the great name for him and he got many fans through that movie and it also gave many positive reviews.

  • This movie was also dubbed in Telugu version and was released in title named Dhoolpet. Dhanush achieved a great hit in his first three years and also became the great commercial entertainer through the movies Thiruvilayadal Arambam in which he co-starred with actress Shriya Saran and the great famous villain as well as the comedian Prakash Raj. And that comedy movie made by Dhanush showed the relationship between the low status poor man who loved the sister of a hedge -level businessman. The film got good critics. The actors first release in the year 2007 was, Parattai Engira Azhagu Sundaram, in which he co-starred with Meera Jasmine. The movie gained negative reviews and it was not a successful one.

  • Later his second released movie in the same year during Diwali season got the positive approach among the people and that movie Polladhavan was the great successful film of that year in that his performance was excellent one and it was based on the year 1948 Italian neorealist The Bicycle Thieves story which was charactered by actor Dhanush opposite Divya Spandana, and the film was the fresh screen play by director Vetrimaran which helped him greatly for the film to succeed commercially.

  • After this great success in that movie he did many movies like Kutty, Uthamaputhiran, Mappilai, Kuselan, Aadukalam, Yaradi Nee Mohini, Vengai, Padikathavan. In those movies many movies gave him a good success and in that Aadukalam was a fantastic one and it was a blockbuster movie. And in 2012 the film "Three" or "Moonu" did by him was released and in that the song "why this kolaveri" gave him great success and in that movie he was co–starred with the actress Shurthi hassan daughter of Kamal Hassan.

  • Dhanush is married to actor superstar Rajinikanth's daughter Aishwarya Rajinikanth. And his brother who is director Selvaraghavan married Sonia Agarwal, who has acted with Dhanush in two tamil movies . Dhanush has got two sisters . And Dhanush has got two children namely Yatra and Linga.