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Kamal Haasan who was born on 7th November in the year 1954 is an Indian Kollywood film actor, screenwriter, producer and director, who is considered to be one of the leading methods actors of Kollywood cinema. He is broadly acclaimed as an actor and is very well known for his versatility in acting that earned him the very honorific title "Ulaganayagan" which in English means "Universal Hero".

Kamal Haasan has won a number of Indian film awards, which also includes 4 National Film Awards and 19 Filmfare Awards and is also known for having starred in a major number of films that were submitted by India in the contest for the Academy Award for the Best Foreign Language Film. In addition to the skill of acting, screenwriting and directing, he has also taken the heart of a songwriter, playback singer and choreographer in his films he acted.

Date Of Birth : 7th November, 1954
Place Of Birth : Chennai, Tamilnadu, India
Zodiac Sign : Scorpio

His film production company that is named Rajkamal International, has produced a number of his films. In the year 1990, he was awarded the very prestigious Padma Shri for his offerings to the Indian cinema. Kamal Haasan has also received an Honorary doctorate by the Sathyabama University, Chennai. In the year 2009, he became one of the very few Indian actors to have accomplished 50 years of their life in cinema.

After doing quite a lot of projects as a child artist, Kamal Haasan's step forward into the films as a lead actor came with his role portrayal in the year 1975 with the drama titled Apoorva Raagangal, in which he was portrayed as a rebellious youth in love with a woman very much elder to him. He was awarded his second Indian National Film Award for his role of a guileless school teacher who tends a candid amnesiac in the year 1982 with the film Moondram Pirai.

Kamal Haasan was mainly noted for his amazing performance in director Mani Ratnam's Godfatheresque Tamil film titled Nayagan in the year 1987, which was listed by Time magazine as one of the best films of all time ever. Since then he went on to emerge in other notable films such as Anbe Sivam and his own film productions like Hey Ram and Virumaandi, as well as films like Dasavathaaram, in which he has portrayed ten distinct roles.

  • There are totally different two versions regarding his debut into films. One version does rounds that, he as a small boy accompanied a doctor who went to treat a sick woman at the home of movie mogul A V Meyyappa Chettiar who is the of father of AVM Saravanan.

  • On hearing strident shouting from a first floor renter of the bungalow, the doctor became very uneasy. So young Kamal Haasan strode up the stairs to ask the petty noisemaker not to yell over the phone as someone was sick which left the person amazed.

  • An overwhelmed Meyyappa Chettiar later provided him an opening into films. The further version is that when the young boy Kamal Haasan accompanied a family doctor of Meyyappa Chettiar to his residence, producer AVM Saravanan noticed Kamal as a very energetic child.

  • So he took him over and introduced to AV Meyyappa Chettiar who was looking for a little boy to play a role in the movie titled Kalathur Kannamma.

At the National Film Awards, he won the following:

1997 - Silver Lotus Award - Best Actor for Indian (1996)

1988 - Silver Lotus Award - Best Actor for Nayakan (1987)

1983 - Silver Lotus Award - Best Actor for Moondram Pirai (1982)

1960 - Silver Lotus Award - Best Child Artist for Kalathur Kannamma (1960)

2008 - Tamil Nadu State Film Award - Best Actor for Dasavathaaram

At the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival, he won in :

2004 - Best of Puchon - Best Film for Virumandi (2004)

1998 - Filmfare Award - Best Story for Virasat (1997)

1986 - Filmfare Award - Best Actor for Saagar (1985)

1997 - Filmfare Award Tamil Film Industry - Best Actor for Indian (1996)

1993 - Filmfare Award Tamil Film Industry - Best Actor for Thevar Magan (1992)

2001 - Screen - Best Actor for Hey Ram (2000)

  • Kamal Hasan is an individual who needs no introduction, though Kamal is one actor which the whole India is very proud of. The first appearance, the personality, the versatility of his various skills, his wonderful films, the roles he portrayed, performed and excelled, his achievements in each field he gets in are always worth of appreciation, praise and are worth to be given an illustration.

  • One has to deem Kamal as an actor and not as an image because he has just outclassed this so called stardom and he feels and treats his job as one of the very fine arts. Kamal Hasan is an actor of rank, resourcefulness and excellence who truly vindicated all the roles he did which varied from hero to villain, man to woman and even to a dwarf. Today, Kamal is at such a point where no one can reach him at all.

  • Kamal Hasan is a connection between a lot of things. He does not fit into one box or a group or a categorization. He does not belong to any group in the Indian Film Industry because he has got his very own style which is very unique. All the roles of his films are either based on true life stories or from his individual personal experiences and that made him live in whatever characterization he has done and he lived lively in all the roles he played thus building a position for himself as an all round personality in the Cinema field.

  • The supreme thing about Kamal Hasan is that he reached a peak where one just can't try to be like him or imitate his dance style, his liberation of words, his expressions, the way he presents and projects himself and above all about his acting capabilities and his talent which are a brand name. After walking his life with Vani Ganapathi, he got married to famed actress Sarika who was working as a costume designer for him in his most of the films.

  • In his movies, the costumes were designed from Sarika's galore are of so much importance that he looks very fit for the roles he played in films keeping supplementary actors out of his attain. Kamal Hasan has not only just acted in commercial based films but also in art films . In fact, the number of art films done by him are more than the commercial films that he has acted in and all the fame he won is all due to his art films.

  • Kamal does not work for awards but for the reason of giving a sort of an entertainment, happiness and consciousness to the Indian population. As a matter of reality though he is in the industry since his childhood, Kamal Hasan debuted in the the industry as a classical dance chief, then had only had his debut as a low profiled hero who then matured into an actor and finally turned out to become the producer-director-actor of so many historic movies.