Ayurveda Medicine



The Ayurvedic Rasayanas which are otherwise known as vitalizers are a mixture of ayurvedic herbal products which helps our body to fight against various kinds of diseases and aids in the slowing down of the aging process. Thus as the name indicates they vitalizes the human body.Rasayana is actually that which increases the essence of each dhatu, starting with Rasa.

Ayurvedic rasayanas is unique in its own way where the fluids in our body is nourished and develops immunity by fighting against various diseases. The use of Ayurvedic Rasayanas is more of a rejuvenation therapy which helps in keeping the body both physically and mentally young, quick and alert. These Ayurvedic rasayanas not only prevent from sickness but also helps to promote health and lead a long diseases free life. It promises to increase the immunity in a person. The Ayurvedic rasayanas which are available in the form of tonics and medicine are rich in herbs which have the power of rejuvenation along with lot of micronutrients

The basic formula behind the functioning of these Ayurvedic rasayanas is that they keep the enzymes in the tissue cells in their normal functioning condition. As a result of this the enzyme composition is increased and the cells are revitalized which automatically brings the mind to a state of serenity enhancing the nature of bones and nerves. With all these features the Ayurvedic rasayans keeps our mind and body rejuvenated even at old age by imparting long, healthy, disease free life, intelligence, power of memory, youth and luster. There are number of proved rasayanas by the clinical experiment in Ayurveda like Chyavanaprasha, Pippali rasayana, Triphala rasayana, Shilajita rasayana and Achara rasayana which holds good.
  • They slow down aging process.
  • They improve memory; increase concentration power, and curb agitation & anxiety.
  • Amalaki Rasayana is an amazing remedy for cold and cough. Also sweetens the voice and also clears hoarseness.
  • There are Rasayanas for dealing with mental disorders like hypertension, nervous debility, and memory disturbances etc.
  • They nourish lymph, blood, semen and adipose tissue.
  • They regenerate dead tissues and cells.
  • They prevent illness and degenerative changes, and therefore can free you from arthritis, senile diseases etc.
Ashwagandha Rasayana
The Ashwagandha Rasayana is otherwise popularly known as the Indian ginseng which mainly helps in the rejuvenation of the reproductive organs and revitalizes the nerves and the bone marrow. It is a very good food supplement.

Chyavanaprasha Rasayana
This is the most commonly and widely used Ayurvedic herbal medicine. It has amla, kesar along with 47 other trusted ingredients which makes it an essential everyday supplement for all age groups. It is one of India's longevity tonics. The main aim of Chyavanaprasha is to build immunity and maintains youthfulness, vigor, vitality and prevents from mental and physical impairment and languor. It prevents us from infection like cough cold and fever.Chyavanaprasha is the elixir of Rishi Chyavana and celebrated as the highest rasayana.It is also of great benefit to the skin where it improves the complexion of the skin and keeps it away from dermal and bacterial infections. The main feature of Chyavanaprasha is that it has got the property of anti-oxidant. It is great aid in the field of fertility by keeping a regular menstrual cycle.

Shilajit Rasayana
The main constituent of Shilajit Rasayana is an ingredient named shilajit got from the rocks in lower Himalayas.Shilajit Rasayana in general increases the level of metabolism in our body and thereby enhancing digestion. It ensures good pancreas and spleen health and helps purify blood. It reduces the rate of tiredness and helps in loosing weight.
Pippali Rasayana
Pippali is also considered as one of the most powerful herbs which enhances longevity. This is a mixture of Piper longum and Butea monosperma (palash).It plays a major role in digestion, assimilation and metabolism of the foods.Pippali helps in the purification of the waste in the human body and calms down the nerves to improve the quality of sleep. Thus on a broadband spectrum it is used in the treatment of chronic dysentery and worm infestations. It also provides relief from cough, consumption, dyspnea, hiccup, throat infections, piles, assimilation disorders, anemia, and irregular fever.
Vacha Rasayana
This herbal supplement acts more on the mental activity of the individual whereby giving mental harmony and peace of mind. It is beneficial for enhancing the pranic energy. People suffering from headache will find consuming the rasayana as beneficial. It also reduces anxiety and dizziness. It is believed that spasms, cramps, tremors and even drug addiction can be cured by Vacha Rasayana.

Triphala Rasayana
Triphala is a noted ayurvedic medicinal herb which means three fruits namely Haritaki, Amalaki and Bibhitaki.It is rich source of amla which has vitamin c and calcium. They mainly acts as a skin tonic for it is tridoshic equally balancing for Vata, Pitta and Kapha.It form an excellent rasayana for digestion which is the basis of healthy body thereby resulting in proper functioning of the rest of the parts including the skin. Vitamin C present in this helps in the production of collagen, which is necessary to keep skin supple and thick.

Brahmi Rasayana
Brahmi Rasayana is mainly to improve the level of intelligence and concentration.This rasayana has got more to do with the psychological disturbances wherein they are used to reduce stress levels, anger, depression, restlessness and impatience. People anemic can take Brahmi Rasayana for it increases the level of haemoglobin.It also aids in controlling drug addiction.