Ayurveda Medicine



Ayurveda is the mother of all forms of modern medicine, from body work to surgery. Every Occidental and Asian civilization has borrowed Ayurvedic knowledge and applied to their own cultural context and medical systems. Ayurvedic therapies can be seen as both physical and psychological preventative measures.

Ayurveda considers for a healthy living a person requires food (Ahar), sleep (nidra) and celibacy (controlled sex) which are regarded as the tripods or the three pillars of this vast field of natural therapy. Thus it is very much essential to follow a balanced diet with systematic food intake and a regular sleep pattern. Balanced indulgence in sex is also considered mandatory according to Ayurveda.Diet, sleep and balanced sex is thus said to promote once life which invariably promises a good health gives enrichment to the soul and other cognitive organs and the mind.

Three Tripods in Ayurveda

Tripods Diet
The Ayurvedic food is considered to be a source of refreshing energy for both the mind and the soul rather than simply the substitute of proteins, vitamins and other essential minerals.Ayurvedic diet is considered to be the key factor in this field of healing science.Ayurvedic diet varies for each individual for it is based on various factors like age, gender, the doshic tendencies, the strength of body tissues and digestive fires and the level of ama (toxins) in their body. Though the approach of Ayurvedic diet is holistic there are certain basic rules to be followed when it comes to consumption of food. But however daily food intake should be according to health status or diseased state, amount of labour put in and energy expended, capacity to digest,age,sex,region,economic viability and availibility.The Ayurvedic Diet originated in India five thousand years ago. It is part of an overall health plan which includes herbs, meditation, yoga, and massage. Thus Ayurveda promises many disorders can be easily cured by sheer modifications in dietary pattern.

Not only Ayurveda but all fields of science suggest sleep is the best way of improving the growth of one's self. Sleep is considered to be the physical tendency of a body at rest mostly in a straight motion. It is the best way to recover from one's stress and strain. Most of the factors of the body, both physical and psychological are dependant on the individual's sleep. The best time to sleep is in the nights apart from the small naps in the afternoon which can go upto 10 to 15 minutes. A human body requires at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily. Oversleeping also leads to many negative factors. According to Ayurveda the sleeping postures also counts a lot like sleeping on the right side is the most relaxing and good for yoga. On the left, it is most digestive and increases interest in food, sleep and sex.

Sleeping on the back indirectly and on the stomach directly encourages disease. Sleeping with crown of the head facing east and feet into the west promotes the best meditative sleep. It is good to have a wash before bedtime. There are suggestions which states eat light in the night and try to eat earlier. For those who have difficulty in sleeping Ayurveda recommends oil massage especially with aroma oils and also listening to pleasant music helps you to retire with peace. In Ayurveda there is different time which results in varying sleep patterns. From 6 to 10 in the evening Kapha dosha is predominant, which facilitates failing asleep. From 10 o'clock onwards is Pitta time, when mental experiences should be being processed during sleep.

Ayurveda highlights that celibacy is necessary for good health, as it increases memory, intellect and will power, in addition to maintaining a healthy body. As Shukra datu, is directly associated with body immunity, Vajikarana, prescribes the use of aphrodisiacs and tonics for enhancing reproductive capabilities.Ayurveda states that improper use of sexual energy wastes away prana and thus life. Overindulgence or improper use according to the time of the day and season wastes prana.Ayurveda has an abundant amount of information on how to maintain overall vitality by rejuvenating the sexual organs how to best manage sexual energies. Suppression or overuse of our basic life energy damages the fundamental connection to live and enjoy life. Misuse will also affect our ability to unite with pure consciousness. Sexual promiscuity leads to various diseases.Sex, according to Ayurveda and Vedas, is a divine process that is responsible for the very existence of human race on the face of earth. It is as essential as food and sleep for human life. It is the urge for the most needed biological drive. It is more of union of minds and souls.