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Badam Phirni is a sweet dish cooked on the festival of Eid ul Fitr. Though phirni is loved by all, it can be a real treat for those who love milk and milk products. Desserts are the pick of every festive meal and Badam Phirni has a smooth, rich and creamy taste, to live up to the flavor of the special occasion of Eid.


Whole milk
: 2 cups
Raw rice
: 2 tbsp
Whole Almonds
: 7 nos
Pistachio nuts
: 10 nos
: 1/2 cup
Few saffron strands
Cardamom powder
: 1/4 tsp
: 1 tsp

Microwave Badam Phirni


  • Soak together the raw rice, badam and pistachio nuts for half an hour, meanwhile heat the milk in deep microwave bowl in high for 5 minutes (give a stir in between), grind the soaked rice and nuts as fine paste.
  • Add this grounded paste, ghee, sugar to the hot milk and cook in high for 10minutes in microwave oven (stir twice or thrice in between).
  • Add the cardamom powder and saffron strands and cook for 2 minutes in high..Phirni is ready to serve.