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CORN SOUFFLE Non-Vegetarian-Dish

Make the best Delicious Corn Souffle with this easy recipe.This is a great side dish and is very inexpensive to make, and it's oh so good.


Melted butter
: 1 tbsp
: 1/4 cup
: 1/4 cup
Beaten eggs
: 4
Creamed corn and water to rinse can
: 15 oz
Frozen corn
: 20 oz

Corn Souffle


  • Add butter, sugar, flour, eggs, creamed corn and water. Add frozen corn
  • Microwave 15 minutes. As it begisn to set up around the edge of the dish. Stir the corn so the set up part goes to the center of the dish.
  • Continue microwaving and stirring til the corn dish is all set up.