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This is a 2 minute wonder and is a fantastic recipe for kids to do with very little help.


Plain Flour
: 3 tbsp
Vanilla Extract
: 1/2 tbsp
Cinnamon powder (Optional)
: 1/4 tbsp
Baking Powder
: 1/4 tbsp
Caster Sugar (more or less)
: 2 tbsp
Cocoa Powder
: 2 tbsp
: 1
: 2 tbsp
Milk or Orange Juice
: 2 tbsp
Dusting sugar, ice cream, or
some sauce / syrup to serve
: (Optional)

Microwave Cupcake


  • Combine & Whisk all ingredients together in a bowl. Pour content in a coffee mug.
  • Cook for about 2.5 minutes on full power in microwave. (Cooking time may vary a little with the powe of microwave)
  • Dust with icing sugar or serve better with some sauce, custard or ice cream on a side.
  • Serve warm with Ice Cream. Serve topped with some sauce - fudge, chocolate, caramel, compotes, anything you fancy.
  • Cut into thick cookie circles, soak it with orange liquor or rum (any booze or if you do not do booze use some kind of juice), layer it with whipped cream & chocolate shavings, fresh berries or fruity syrup.