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This is a very quick and easy to make fish and potato curry recipe.This goes well with any of the Indian breads like Chapati, Nan, Roti or Puri/Poori. Your family is sure to love this great tasting curry.


White fish or shellfish
: 3/4 lb/350g
: 1/2 lb./ 225g
French beans
: 4 oz/ 100g
Curry paste
: 1 tbsp
Red chilli, chopped, seeds removed
: 1/2
Tin coconut
: 1/2
Chopped fresh coriander milk
Chopped garlic
: 1 clove
: 2 tsp
Spicy poppadoms
: 4 large
: 1

Fish and potato curry


  • Place the fish, beans & potatoes in separate dishes & cover with lids.
  • Add 1/2 cup of boiling water to the fish and microwave on HIGH in the following sequence. Potatoes only 3 min. Add bean dish 1 min
  • Add Fish dish 2 min.Keep the lid on the fish and place to one side. Plunge the beans into cold water.
  • In a hot pan, fry the cooked potatoes until golden brown. Add the chilli and curry paste and cook for 1-2 min.
  • Drain the fish and add the juices to the pan. Stir in the coconut milk and sugar and simmer for 2-3 min. Add the beans and heat through.
  • Gently stir in the fish and coriander. Serve with poppadoms and a squeeze of lime.