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Dhoklas come from the Gujarati tradition, and are one of the icons of that snack-loving cuisine.


Gram (chana) flour
: 1 cup
Corn flour or rava(samolina)
: 1 tsp
Lemon yellow color
: 1/2 pinch
: 1 cup
Citric acid
: 1/2 tsp
Sodium bi carbonate
: 1/4 tsp
Tadka (mustard seeds and cumin seeds cracked in hot oil with asafetida and curry leaves added to it)
: 1 tbsp
: 1/2 cup
: 1 tsp
Salt and pepper
: To taste
Chopped coriander and grated coconut
: for  garnishing

Gujarathi Dhoklas


  • Mix all ingredients given in (1) in a big mixing bowl.
  • From measured (1 cup) water, take out 2 tbsp each in 2 small bowls. Add remaining water to flour mixture. Mix thoroughly with wire whisk. There should be no lumps.
  • Dissolve citric acid in one small bowl and pour it in the mixture. Mix with wire whisk.
  • Dissolve soda in another small bowl and pour it in the mixture. Mix with wire whisk. Mixture will become foamy.
  • Transfer it in greased plastic mould (1/3 mould should be filled). Microwave on high power for 3 minutes. Let stand for 2 minutes.
  • Cool, remove Dhokla from mould, cut into pieces, spread TADKA + sugar + water mixture on it, garnish with coconut and coriander. Mix lightly. Dhokla is ready to serve.