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MENTHI VANKAYA Vegetarian-Dish

Menthi means Methi seeds and Vanakaya is brinjal in telugu. This curry is very common in Andhra and one of favorites. This dish is prepared using Indian brinjals, which are small and purple in color.


Pound Brinjal(small,round and tender)
: 1
Tamarind paste
: 2 tsp
Chana dal
: 4 tbsp
Black gram
: 4 tbsp
Dry red chilis
: 6
Fenugreek seeds
: 2
Cumin seeds
: 1 tsp
: 4 tbsps
: To taste
: A pinch

Methi Venkaya


  • Wash and slit Brinjal in quarters lengthwise, leaving them connected at the cap. Keep them in cold water.Fry the powder ingredients in a little ghee, then grind into a powder with salt. Stuff the brinjals and sprinkle them with the tamarind extract mixed with a little water. .
  • Microwave for 5-6 minutes, then fry them on all sides in a little hot ghee.