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Bread roll is one of the most common snacks we had as a kid. It is great with a cup of tea or coffee. Usually it is stuffed with potato based stuffing but you can add any vegetable or nuts for kids. Kids love this easy to eat snack in their lunchbox too. So try this yummy snack anytime of the day.


: 2 medium
Cumin Powder
: 1/2 tsp
Chili flakes/ Chili powder
: 1 tsp
Bread Slices
: 4
: for roasting
: To taste

Potato Cumin Bread Roll


  • Boil Potatoes till tender. Peel the skin and allow to cool.
  • Then add cumin powder and chili flakes/ chili powder, Salt and mix well.
  • Trim the sides of the bread and roll it out flat using the rolling pin. You will get a thick, thin slice.
  • Place the potato filling on one side and roll it tightly towards the other side. Apply some water to the fag end that you are going to cover and stick together.
  • This is ready to be roasted but if you want, you can freeze it for 5 mins or so. I used to freeze the sweeter versions but not the potato filled ones.
  • These are ready in flat 5 mins. Then heat a pan with ghee and roast this till crisp on both sides.