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Beaten rice flakes also called poha in India tempered with spices and cooked with sauteed onions.


Beaten rice flakes - thick variety (jaada poha)
: 4 cups
: 2 tbsp
Mustard seeds
: 1 tsp
Cumin seeds
: 1 tsp
Green chilli(es) slit or chopped fine
: 2
Sprig curry leaves
: 1
Onions sliced fine
: 2 big
Turmeric powder
: 1/2 tsp
Chopped fresh coriander
: 4 tbsp
: To taste
: 4 tbsp
Chopped fresh coriander
: to garnish

Savory Beaten Rice


  • Wash the beaten rice in water thoroughly. Drain and Keep aside.
  • Pour the oil in a microwave-safe deep bowl. Toss in the mustard seeds and microwave covered on high (100%) power for about 4 minutes till they splutter.
  • Toss in the cumin seeds and stir till they change color.
  • Add the green chillies, curry leaves, onions and turmeric powder. Microwave uncovered on high (100%) power for about 4 minutes till the onions are pinkish.
  • Add the chopped fresh coriander and keep stirring till they wilt.
  • Mix in the beaten rice and salt to taste. Mix the water into the beaten rice lightly. Microwave covered on high (100%) power for about 0 minute(s) till the water has been absorbed by the beaten rice softening it and the flavors are well blended. Do not overcook the beaten rice as it tends to harden. keep covered for a few minutes before serving.