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SCRAMBLED EGGS Non-Vegetarian-Dish

This is quick and easy to prepare for breakfast at work and this fits the bill beautifully, especially if you have only got a microwave oven and no stove available. This is so easy and delicious and the trick to make this work well is to cook it in the microwave twice.


: 2-3
Handful of grated tasty cheese
: To taste
Garlic, crushed
: 1 tsp
Bacon pieces
: To taste
Freshly ground sea salt and black pepper
: To taste

Scrambled eggs


  • Grab a tallish microwave proof jug or similar and break two or three eggs into it and beat well. Throw the other ingredients in and mix well.
  • Now comes the tricky part, microwave on full for ONE minute, remove from the microwave and you will see that it will be partly cooked and hot on top.
  • Mix well again and the hot, cooked bit will mix with the raw bit, microwave again on high for TWO minutes, Bingo, perfect scrambled eggs.
  • DO NOT add milk as this will only make the egg mixture sloppy and watery.
  • Serve at once with salt and pepper to taste, do not be tempted to add the salt before cooking as this will make the eggs rubbery.
  • For a bit of variety, you could add other ingredients like chives or mixed herbs, the beauty of this is that it can be adapted to suit individual tastes.