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STEAMED OKRA FRY Vegetarian-Dish

Bhindi or Okra fry is a time saving recipe and can be served with rotis and parathas.


: 15 tender
Red chilli powder
: To Taste
: To Taste
: to taste

Steamed Okra Fry


  • Wash okra and wipe off with paper towel. Trim the ends and slit vertically.
  • Arrange them on a Microwaveable plate like corelle and cover with another plate and microwave for 5 mins high.
  • Now sprinkle some chilli powder, salt and oil on every okra, as per your taste.
  • Microwave again for 2 mins without covering the plate.
  • That's it! Okra dish is ready to serve with hot rice/chapati, in less than 10 mins.