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WHEAT LADDOO Vegetarian-Dish

Wheat laddu is kind of sweet fried dough, which is used as a traditional dessert for Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights. The Diwali festival symbolizes the victory of good over evil and is celebrated with the lighting of lamps and of fireworks. Wheat laddu is a traditional food eaten during this celebration.


: 3/4 cup
Besan/gram flour
: 1/4 cup
: 1/4 cup
Powdered sugar
: 1/2 cup
Cardamom powder
: 1/2 cup

Wheat Laddoo


  • In a microwave safe bowl, put the ghee and microwave until it is melted.
  • Mix in the Wheat flour and Besan and stir thoroughly. Microwave for 4 minutes stirring every one minute, removing any lumps and changing the position of the container.
  • The flour will change to dark color and have a toasted aroma. Allow it to cool.
  • After it is cooled, add cardamom powder along with sugar. Run hands through the mixture multiple times, to remove any lumps and even out the flour.
  • Knead well to mix and shape into laddoos. This makes about 10 of them.