indian thali



The northern region of India comprises the valley -filled Kashmir to the vast field- lands of Punjab. The cuisine also varies widely in this region but the predominant one is the Mughlai one.

The staple food of the Kashmiris is rice and plenty of meat dishes, which includes "Gustaba", "Kaahwa", etc. The Kashmiri cuisine is a blend of its major produce, which includes red chillies, fruits, nuts, saffron and rajma.

For the Punjabis, the Rotis and Lassi give them the vigor and energy they are noted for. The sarson ka saag and the makke di roti is a good combination. The Punjabis also place a lot of stress on the ginger, garlic, onion and tomato combinations. Altogether the northern part is famous for its tongue tickling Mughlai dishes. They are a gift to us from the Mughals who probably got it from their Persian ancestors. The succulent kababs, kormas and the parathas are good examples. The blending of spices over low heat is an important factor of the Mughal style of cooking.

Most of the vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are famous for their distinctive tastes. Though rice is sparingly used throughout northern India, Wheat is their staple food. They take wheat in the form of rotis and chappathis. They come in a wide range, which includes parathas, puris, naans, kulchas, rotis and chapathis, and stuffed parathas.